Weekly Predictor: Als to win it all?

The 110th Grey Cup is the ultimate David vs. Goliath football story.

The team everyone wrote off at the start of the year with a new head coach, quarterback, receiving corps and losing a lot of star defensive players against a team that is appearing in their fourth straight championship game.

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You are either completely nuts or like the guy that always predicts the apocalypse date…eventually his insane prediction might come to fruition…but HIGHLY unlikely, lol.


Strange as it may seem, the Als could surprise us all. They are riding on emotion. That’s often all you need in sports. With Schoen and Demski injured, the Als can prevail. It will all be on the Als’ D. But can they triumph without the air horns? :slight_smile:

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Why would anyone think you have to be nuts to choose Montreal to win? Anyone who has played or understands competitive sports would know that all you need to do is make the playoffs to have a chance and in more cases than not, its seldom the team with the best record in regular season that goes on to win it all. Just ask Hamilton in 2019 or Toronto this year. I bleed blue and gold and would love to see the Blue Bombers win 3 in 4 years but no its far from a guarantee.


What you see here, and throughout the year, is the Eastern media either trying to boost interest for the CFL in the larger markets, or simply not giving the Bombers the respect that deserve as a team on the verge, or in the midst, of a dynasty. Sure you pick the Argos to soundly beat the Al’s last week. That did happen, so all of a sudden you pick the Al’s to defeat the Bombers? Look… anything can happen during the Grey Cup game… We have seen that with great teams in the past… But there has been no evidence that Montreal compares to the Bombers at all this year. They should be major favourites… and those that think otherwise are either uninformed, or it is wishful thinking. Be prepared for, if the Bombers win, for them to be regarded as one of the greatest teams in CFL history… And us Bomber fans will still be defending them to those in denial

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What a gift to the Bombers. O’Shea’s gonna pin that prediction right on the front of the locker room door and let the anger do the rest. :laughing:

Cody Fajardo is thoughtfully penning an email to CFL.ca News right now… “SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS!!!”

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I laughed out loud literally when I read that last line… I could actually see him doing it in my head. :sweat_smile:


Yes, the Als could come up with a magical upset.
But nope, that ain’t gonna happen.
This game might close for the first half. Then the Bombers will take over and cruise in the fourth

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Well, I hope for great game, being from Winnipeg, last year was a ball breaker for us. I do agree, it would be an upset if Montreal won BUT I really don’t think so. Will be watching it from Southern California via the streaming service with 12 other ex-pats. Lot of them wanted BC in BUT the best team prevailed. Go Blue!

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Als 27, Bombers 24

Bombers 31 ALS 17

It won’t be that close. ALS defence will get a score/ short field and that’s about it.

Sorry bomber fans, my hope for the game
My hope als 31 bombers 24
My redemption to bomber fans
Reality Als 31 bomber 42
As always my predictions are not even close to 50 50.

Considering the over/under for points scored. The computer odds has it 27-22 Bombers. Mind you, I picked Montreal 29-19 over Winnipeg in my opening CFL GCC thread/post. Looking so forward to the big game.

Cheers to all fans - Abbey