Weekly game picks weeks 1 - 14

Make your weekly predictions. #1

Ham @ Peg - visitors +5
BC @ Gina - green + 11
Argos @ Mr stallion's. - Red team + 16
Capital City @ Antelope - EE + 13

I know sometimes it is hard to do, but you really need to check for other threads before doing the same topic

CFL - GCC 2021 Week 1 - CFL Talk - CFL Forums

I didn't read that post. In fairness what does GCC stand for?

I wonder that myself. I use to know. It use to make sense. I have forgot

Grey Cup Challenge

Thanks, I did figure that eventually, unknowingly I started the same thread, another poster enlightened me, sent me to your page.

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Grey Cup Championship I would assume

Yup, I've been informed thanks