Weekly Awards

Could this be the week the Riders get a weekly award? Cates had a very solid game and in light of the fact the Riders were using their 3rd QB of the season was it enough to get him player of the week honors?

Or does he get overshadowed by Dinwiddie who also had a remarkable game?

My expectation is that the award will go to Dinwiddie.

If it does, it's very possible that the only undefeated team in the league would not have had any individual awards after five weeks. If that doesn't speak to team depth and winning as a team I don't know what would.

I was thinking earlier this morning to start a similar thread (didn't get around to it) except that I was going to say "I hope we don't get an individual award" so that we can say exactly what you wrote in your last paragraph!! I think it is great.

I, too, think the award will go to Dinwiddie regardless.

Every week we get shut out we win the following week - let it be lol

I can't quite remember but wasn't Dinwiddie's % a little low? also only 2 TD's passing? (don't quote me my facts might be wrong) thats something most QB's can do every game.. i dunno i think it might be Cate's chance.

Look at it this way, have the Rider gotten any weekly awards this season? I don't think they have, and look at our current record 5-0, so keep us off the weekly award sheet and we'll keep winning.

Yes! Our record is intact - we didn't get any this week! Can you say "TEAM", ladies and gentlemen?

Interesting. The two potentially most dominant teams (Sask and Calgary) have not won awards yet.

AND I'M GLAD we got shut out again! 5-0 and no individual recognition means TEAM EFFORT!

Having said that, let me do a 180 and call for Offensive and Defensive Co-ordinators of the week awards! I'd love to see that!

haha this is almost funny, people cheering for not winning awards. It's awesome :slight_smile:

We may not win any weekly awards but Wes Cates was announced as CFLPA Player of the month of July.

I'd rather get a "W' than one of the players win an individual player of the week award.

It shows that the TEAM concept comes FIRST before individual accollades. As long as we keep winning, the players will be up for the Schenley's which are more important than weekly awards.

No awards. No losses. Team wins.

I will always take the "W" over any weekly awards, and im sure the players will as well, but really every week we've had a guy whose had a good game, but there's always been someone who has been more deserving.