Weekly Awards

Is it possible for one player to get more than one of the weekly awards? I was just curious because I don't recall it happening. What twigged it was the idea that I felt Lumsden should have at least been considered for the outstanding player but he wasn't even mentioned.

yes i believe sometimes people win more than one, mainly its the Canadian/Offense combo i believe... could be wrong.

I agree Lumsden should have been considered for the top offensive player but I also believe the selectors made the right choice. There were several players that could have won the offensive award, Ray, Calvello, Campbell, Tucker, lumsden would have all been good choices.

I am sure he was

It takes an off week for a QB to give up the offensive award to a Canadian. I recall when Fantuz had his monster game against the Ticats last year for 240 receiving yards and a couple TD's they gave it to Burris, not that he had a bad week either.

Basically Lumsden needs 200 yards rushing AND all of the QB's have to toss for 150 yards and 4 Ints.