Well as much as I hate to admit it, it would appear the popularity of the Blue Jays is not a passing fad for the moment(this year), as per the top three huge numbers bare out.
The CFL is holding steady with the fourth best number, for the CBC. Please note, the Thursday DH last week was not made available as not considered weekend.

  1. Baseball,Friday Yankees-Jays Sporstnet @ 597,000 - Yanks are a huge draw at the gate and on TV
  2. Baseball, Sunday Yankees-Jays Sportsnet @ 559,000
  3. Baseball, Saturday Yankees-Jays Sportsnet @ 542,000
  4. CFL, Saurday Argos-Riders CBC @ 402,000 above the yearly average of 354,000
  5. Auto Racing, Sunday Nascar TSN @ 395,000 we had this debate of whether it is a sport, like WWE
  6. Golf, Sunday British Open TSN @ 361,000
  7. CFL, Friday Lions-Stamps TSN @ 347,000 loosing the night to BB
  8. Golf, Saturday British Open TSN @248,000
  9. Golf, Friday British Open TSN @180,000
    10.Baseball, Sunday Braves-Phillies Sportsnet @ 123,000 - I have a hard time believing this number and it must be the same bean counters for the Jays.

you could probably thank the numbers for the jays games over the weekend to the yankees..especially the crowd..sold out 1 of the games..but if it wasnt for the home games against boston or newyork, the jays' attendance would suck..so would the tv ratings

They were playing the Yankees? Then I'm not shocked at the higher ratings.

I do not think personally it is just about the Yankees although they sure don't hurt. I think alot of the ratings success is coming from the older crowd who when the Jays are doing well all of a sudden become baseball fans. I am witnessing this with my own father who is once again watching the Jays after a four year hiatus. Where I work also I get to talk once in a while with retirees and the Jays are all they want to talk about

The Jays will finish 3rd in the AL East this year, as they do every year.

It's become so boring and predictable.

Jays have done NOTHING since the fall of 1993.

look at the division there in?
they have a really strong side, next year if they strengthen their pitching staff they can get 1st, but the way boston is playing it looks like boston will finish 1st, but the jays can finish 2nd, they look a lot better than the yankees, they just have to win against easy teams cough the royals cough


The Jays have finish 3rd the last.. what... 10 years? No reason to believe they won't finish 3rd in the AL East in the NEXT 10 years either...

Blue Jays: 3rd place in the AL East 4 LIFE!

Agreed, the BJ are pencilled in for life between 3rd and last.
Certainly to each his/her own, but watching a ball game in the dome or on TV is literally like watching paint dry. And this comes from a guy who played competatively in his youth and umpired here locally both Junior and Senior ball for years.

I think those numbers reflect the number of canadian Yankee fans watching the games as well.

How many people watched the WPG/EDM game?

The CFL has to get better ratings than this. To all the NFL bashers the NFl always gets better numbers than baseball which is upposedly our national pastime.

The reason the Jays are so popular this year is because Rogers owns them and they’re whored everyday on Sportsnet, which creates hype and creates interest. In addition to that there was their massive off-season acquisitions as well. I haven’t seen this much hype about any Canadian sports team in a long time.

That is slowing changing, Baseball and College Football were the two most popular sports in the US (hence why the CFL once was better than the NFL in the 1950's and 1960's, and before that), now Baseball has fallen out, and the NFL has taken it's place, with the NBA following close behind.

But the Jays are on top because they are winning, if they weren't, they wouldn't even show up on the radar.