Well the numbers are in and surprisingly the Toronto Blue Jays finished with the top two ratings.
Overall their TV audience is down a whopping 25% on Sportsnet to 287,000.
The CFL fell to numbers 4, 6 and 7. With the worst being a Saturday afternoon game on TSN at 235,000.
Not a very good time slot and this is down 100,000 viewers from the average.
The Argo Thursday game did not make it on the listing as not being a weekend.
To some of you holding an affinity for soccer, now that the U20 is over, the Toronto FC numbers remain in the infomercial range.

From The Toronto Globe & Mail
Golf. Canadian Open TSN 85,000 Not great.
Baseball. Jays-White Sox Sportsnet 430,000 Big audience, well above season average.
Football. Tiger-Cats-Blue Bombers TSN 338,000 Good number, but baseball wins the night.
Football. Eskimos-Roughriders TSN 235,000 Saturday afternoon's a tough time slot.
Auto racing. Kroger 200 Busch Series TSN 126,000 On a par with Busch races
Football. Lions-Stampeders CBC 294,000 Below season average of 312,000.
Baseball. Jays-White Sox Sportsnet 302,000 Baseball tops football in prime time.
Soccer. Chicago-Toronto FC CBC 69,000 Well under season average of 121,000.
Baseball. Jays-White Sox Sportsnet 354,000 Another strong audience.
Auto racing. Allstate Brickyard 400 TSN 341,000 Good NASCAR number.
Baseball. Tigers-Angels Sportsnet 68,000 Little interest in 13-4 blowout of Tigers.

As I say, I'm always amazed that the Blue Jays don't blow CFL games out of the water with ratings with so many people living in the GTA and "hooked" on baseball supposedly. Guess that isn't the case.

The CfL's problem is alot of games are blacked out in the home market. Therefore the ratings take a hit.

But still. The CFL never does as lousy as baseball does on Canadian TV. I mean 68,000 viewers nationally? We're talking test pattern numbers.

That's also why ratings are, well, just plain over-rated as they say! :wink:

Don't forget, the Jays have been winning lots of games lately - fairweather fans?

Sort of on topic....

How accurate are ratings? How and who do they determine who gets to pick and choose? I have never received anything in the mail or by phone asking me what I've watched Yesterday, last week, or last month. In 40+ adult years how is it I've never been polled?

Sportsmen the way these Neilsen ratings work is basically as follows.
Throughout the country 1000 or so viewers are picked and given machines like your cable or satellite receiver boxes. They track what you watch and my understanding based on a statistical analysis of 99 times out of 100 the figures are deemed to be correct for the overall nation watching.
Oh yes, the Neilsen ratings are only available for release to its members, being in the media industry. That's why it is so secretive and is only released to same.
In essence, it dictates the value of what in this instance TV channels will charge for commercial time.
"And now you know the rest of the story".

Thanks argotom for the info. So my odds are better of winning the 649 than the Neilsen ratings interesting.

Going out to buy a ticket now! :wink:

why on a sat afternoon 2 cfl games-- how about later in the evening? Trying to figure why the CFL didnt scheledule a game during stampede in Calgary....... lots of people would be in town for a game that week...

I beleive the Stamps always play away games during the Stampede because they don't want to compete with it. (R&W,RW2005, am I correct in that assumption?)

I agree why schedule an afternoon game instead of let's say prime time Saturday night.
Surely TSN and CBC could have done a combination 7 pm and 10 pm slots instead of this low viewership afternoon with most people away at the cottage or holidays. Dumb.

I totally agree. Saturday afternoon game in July?!?! Makes no sense to me. The fans of the teams involved will watch no matter when, but most casual fans tuning in to watch CFL games involving other teams, will not be so quick to give up a summer day to sit inside and watch football. Evenings are the way to go in those circumstances.

I think the CFL would beat any baseball ratings if they compared some games that weren't blacked out.