The numbers are in and we are number 1 & 2 and three out of the top four.
Even though it appears this will be the first year in almost a decade how both the CBC and TSN numbers will be down, the remaining schedule and playoffs to include the Grey Cup it says here will be record breaking.
Especially when that other league continuous with their boring games, like I am told yesterday's 9-0 fiasco on Monday Night and it was the lowest scoring game on MNF. Apparently it made the Argo-Ticat clash of a few weks ago(and I was there it was brutal) look extremely exciting.

1.CFL, Als-BC Saturday CBC @457,000 (well above the season average) officially this is shown as #2, but without RDS actual # which I have been trying to obtain and which is not released in English Canada. Earlier in the year I was told Als are averaging 260,000 per telecast, so the combined figures as my official number and at a whopping 717,000, an amazing late night figure for the 10:00pm-1:00am slot in the east.
2.CFL, Edm-Ticats, Saturday TSN @482,000 great number winning the Saturday prime time and well above current average at 315,000, again I have dropped from #1 to #2 as stated.
3.Nascar, Sunday TSN @431,000 wins Sunday
4.CFL, Win-Cal Friday TSN @415,000 great numbers winning prime time slot
5.Baseball, Tampa-Tor Friday Sportsnet @411,000 call me a "conspiracy theorist" but one very bad team against another out of the race, who watches this and is Paul Godfrey bogus TV & attendance #'s count involved?
6.NFL, early game Global @409,000
7.NFL, Wash-Dal Sunday TSN @314,000
8.Baseball, Tampa-Tor Sunday Sportsnet @299,000 see above #5
9.Golf PGA Sunday TSN @248,000
10.Baseball, Tampa-Tor Sunday CTV @235,000 bad #'s for large network availability


Sorry. I made a similar topic to yours. Forgot about the RDS numbers for the Alouettes game. Meaning it was easily the top rated show of the weekend. Where’d you get the NFL numbers from on Global?

That's OK berezin we can never have enough of great CFL stories even on the same issue. I get my figures from both the Toronto Star & combination Globe, plus I used to have a contact in Montreal for the RDS and who has disappeard, thus my season average.

I wonder if there will be a huge audience for the Cats-Esks rematch to see if Hamilton can pull off a sweep...

431,000 people watched a NASCAR race?!?!? Honestly, what do they see in that?

To each his/her own, but yes I don't get it either.

I don't know, I kind of like watching people go in circles for six hours. :roll:

Firey crashes, maybe?

I don't know how people can stand watching a nascar race - watching cars turn left for 6 hours isn't my idea of fun.

They should watch and save CASCAR before it goes extict.

THANKS , again!

The B.C./ALs game was shown at 10 pm in the EAST , so those are great numbers regardless.