From the department of keeping Bubba & Skeeter happy, I don't get it how anyone can watch cars go round and round and round.
Is this really a sport? Man vs machine or are we talking like WWE mentality as well?
For now, here is the top 10 with my comments .

  1. Nascar, Saturday TSN @439,000
  2. CFL, Stamps vs. Esks Friday TSN @397,000 great numbers for probably the most exciting game of the year and well above yearly average of 310,000, winning Friday night
  3. Golf, Can Open Final Sunday CTV @392,000
  4. CFL, Ticats vs. Argos Saturday CBC @343,000, boring game probably turned off many and which is below season average of 388,000.
  5. NFL, Colts vs. Giants Sunday TSN @339,000 all hype and no sizzle I am told for brother act
  6. CFL, Riders vs. BB Sunday TSN @327,000 who said we can't go head to head with the NFL as being the highest viewed football game on Sunday non prime time
  7. NFL, Sunday early game Global @308,000 first week no doubt, this number to drop considerably in weeks to come
  8. Equestrian, Nations Cup Saturday CBC @297,000 first time in top 10 for this sport
  9. Auto racing Italian GP Sunday TSN @249,000, see #1 above
  10. Golf, Can Open third round, Saturday CTV @221,000 low #'s for large network availability

Yep round and round they go and yet they get people watching it!

Great ratings for the CFL considering what it was up against. But a few questions/comments:

  1. Do those NFL numbers include Sunday Ticket subscribers?

  2. Why the shots at Nascar? I'm not a fan, but tons of people love it.

  3. No chance NFL numbers drop over the course of the year. IMO they will just get stronger.

  4. The Colts-Giants game was one of the better ones this week. Whoever told you it was all hype no sizzle must not like the NFL.

  5. I had NO idea there were that many equestrian fans around. Good on them for tuning in.



  1. No
  2. I guess, different strokes for different folks.
  3. Too many more 9-6 stinkers and we’ll see.
  4. Didn’t see it a friend advised it was marginally better then the Ticat-Argo snore.
  5. Me neither.

…what about it?..of the 248 people that follow Cascar 236 are either drivers, pit crew or their families…

Besides, there is no more Cascar, it's now Nascar's Canadian Tire series, or something like that anyways..... and I never remember even hearing about a Cascar telecast....

I heard how the circuit will be 12 Canadian stops with the "home field" being Cayuga Receway outside of Hamilton.

The Nations cup had a crowd of 65,000!

Wow? Red, that was in Calgary right?

Yes Spruce Meadows the thing is how the heck did they cram them all in there. They also go head to head against the Stampede and get good crowds.

Maybe they used a shoe horn. Are you guys now competing with Edmonton as the best sports fans in Canada?

The Spruce Meadows events has people from all over the world coming to see these events. It is suppose to be the best in the world. But I am amazed at the turn out they get for each event. This last one was the largest crowd they have ever had. I believe their average is around 34,000 to 37,000.

I did not stop during my visit a few years back in Calgary, but from driving by it looked beautiful but not overly large.
We did stop at McMahon and watched the Stamps practice and during our watchful eye, then coach Jim Barker came over and spoke to our family for over 15 minutes.
What a great guy.
I was impressed with the stadium and nearby practice facility. Wish we had same here.

You know when Jim first came to Calgary I was very skeptical about him. He then got fired and stated he loved Calgary and this is the palce he will always live. He then started is Football school and his scouting operation. He was always on the radio talking football. He has just come to this city and he fits like he has lived here all his life. I have heard that a lot of fans email him no matter what he replys to all of them. He loves to talk football and is the best addition to our team. The Stadium is in a good location one side you can look at the skyline of the downtown core on the other side you have the Rocky mountains as a back ground! Spruce Meadows is a world class operation. The problem they are going to have in the next few years is the development around the site.But really back to Billy Stickshifter if you want to watch speeders you can do it free on any freeway and if you wait long enough you can have the same spills all this for free.




The Cars

Unlike NASCAR, which mandates the use of steel-bodied shells, CASCAR-approved cars consist of fiberglass bodyshells covering custom-made tube-frame racing chassis. Also, where NASCAR has strict rules concerning body shapes (in order to maintain as much parity as possible among the approved models,) CASCAR's rules tend to be more lax.

The Tracks

Present CASCAR events are held exclusively on short track ovals, permanent road courses, temporary road courses and street courses. NASCAR's schedule, on the other hand, heavily favors larger oval courses with the occasional permanent road course event (such as the Nextel Cup Series events at Watkins Glen International and Infineon Raceway,) and have no street course events. In recent years, new additions to NASCAR schedules have tended to be 1.5 mile oval tracks.


hey, I'm a big drama queen, what can I say?

KK just called himself a queen.....think I've seen just about everything.....

....at least he didn't add 'in full drag right now'....