The numbers are in and are awesome. The West was up 12% from last year while the East was down 14%.
The RDS numbers are also in for both, 127,000 in the East and 112,000 in the West.
Overall the CFL was on top overtaking HNIC.

  1. CFL West Final CBC 1.552M + RDS 112,000 = 1.664M
  2. NHL Saturday HNIC Ottawa-Tor CBC 1.291M
  3. CFL East Final CBC 1.047M + RDS 127,000 = 1.174M

Which bring us to the GC, any thoughts into the numbers. Although the two biggest markets will be shutout maybe the cinderella Green Riders will bring in the excess and the possibility of 4.5M-5M?

It's hard to say. I don't know if those big city folk from Van, TO, and Mtl will tune out the game just cuz their team isn't in it. I hope not, that would just be stupid.

The Grey Cup is just one of those things that you have to watch, regardless of who's in it. It's the biggest sporting event in this country!

This has also got me thinking that maybe the CFL actually helps the NFL numbers ie. football on from the summer and more exposure for football so more people really waiting for the NFL to come on also. I don't know, could be a far fetched theory?

I'm not sure. A lot of the guys I know that like NFL can't bring themselves to watch "inferior" CFL football, and make a purposeful effort to not know what's going on in the league.

True mking, but I think that even the "NFL only counts" people in Canada, who don't or wont give the CFL the time of day, most are sports fans and when they watch the sports news shows on TSN, The Score, or Sportsnet etc., they get exposed to some CFL highlights of games if they want to or not. Sure, some will flip the channel when CFL comes on like I do with most MLB and NBA stuff but I bet my bottom dollar a lot of these guys do watch the highlights and even take in parts of games although they will deny it to their buddies to make themselves feel "big time" (which is funny when guys do this who are idiots through and through). Have to admit as much as I don't like soccer or follow MLB or NBA and purposely not follow it, I also find I catch some highlights of stuff. I'm a sports fan. Even curling have to admit, of which I'm not a fan of.

Hey, I know, the CFL is like masterbattting to some of these wannabee big shots, they only watch when they are alone and don't admit it to anyone. :wink:

Excellent numbers for the Finals.

As for the GC, I think it's safe to assume that every person in Saskatchewan who owns a TV will be watching. :lol:

I think the reverse happens for the Super Bowl. Alot of CFL fans will watch the Super Bowl because the CFL season is done. But it doesn't work the other way.
Therefore you can say that the NFL should thank CFL fans for helping to give the Super Bowl Grey Cup like ratings.