Week16 practice update- the Catfight rematch

Wide Terrence Toliver was on the practice field Tuesday but didn’t take part in workouts. He’s still under concussion protocol after a late hit in B.C. and will be monitored during the week.
Brandon Banks, who’s missed the past two games with a groin pull, took part in the full practice and Jones is optimistic he’ll play in Saturday’s return match against the Lions at Tim Hortons Field.
Tuesday’s team drills were conducted at a jogging pace but during regular-speed individual drills Banks “looked like he was full go,? Jones said.
If both he and Toliver are out, Marquay McDaniel could come off the practice roster. Jones said he liked the way returner/receiver Bralon Addison played in Vancouver.
Defensive tackle Jason Neill, who injured his hamstring during a touchdown-saving tackle on Chris Rainey’s missed field goal return in overtime, is not likely to play. Nikita Whitlock, who did not play Saturday, would take his place.
Defensive end Jamaal Westerman is day-to-day with a sprained ankle.

Lots of information in that link related to, and maybe settling differences of opinion on a few of our exchanges here – the Cats being tight under the cap, the Moniz situation, who’d be our emergency #3 QB, and our next head coach’s involvement in the much questioned last minute punt @ BC.
Thanks for linking it, Grover.

“Jones said he liked the way that returner/receiver Bralon Addison played in Vancouver .”

He actually said he liked the way that Bralon Addison played ?? :oWow !!! Now I know that Jones is definitely 100% off his rocker . Outside of the pr td that got called back and nullified , Addison pretty much did next to nothing the entire game .

Bralon Addison stat line :

1 rec for 10 yds
7 pr for 52 yds , 7.4 yd avg
1 kr for 16 yds , 16 yd avg

If Orlondo was “on board” with the decision to punt rather than kick the FG, then, IMO, it means that two guys made the wrong call.

Good Gawd it sounds like our entire coaching staff are as totally brain dead as our HC . :o

I am hoping that Orlondo is just paying lip service to say all the right things in the media.

Addison’s PR average in that game was 1.5 yds below his season (2 games) average of 8.9.
F. Williams and Banks are the team leaders in that stat, both @ 9.8. (less than 1 yd. better)
Had Addison’s big return not been flagged, that would have been only the 2nd TiCat PR TD return this year.

Addison’s 16 yd. KOR average matches what he did in his other game.
So, he’s a bit behind the season averages of the other Internationals who’ve returned KOs – Lawrence 16.8, Banks 18, and F. Williams 19.7

Addison didn’t fumble on any returns, and made the catch on, I believe, the only pass thrown to him and on a key play, needing a first down, in overtime.

So, I disagree on your “Addison pretty much did next to nothing the entire game.”

In checking those stats, I see these very interesting numbers* that leave me wondering:
Shakeir Ryan has the team-best KOR average 31.1 yds, but that includes his 104 yd. TD on one his 7 returns. His average, otherwise, would 19 yds.
*Next in line on the list of our best KOR averages …all Nationals … 4th, Bennett 22.1, 3rd, Thomas-Erlington 22.6, and 2nd, Timmis @ 26 yds even.

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
5m5 minutes ago
#Ticats wide receiver Terrence Toliver isn’t taking part in team drills Wednesday. Justin Buren was working in Toliver’s place. #CFL

Some fans, in this forum, have been calling for their team to bring in a familiar name, starting with “S.” The TiCats haven’t. But, the Lions have:

Hmmm, 5'8" 215lbs, sounds familiar like John White.
Interesting that as reported by TSN that earlier the Ticats almost had a deal worked out with BC Lions in a trade for John White

Last week, Hamilton Tiger-Cats coach June Jones also told TSN they nearly had a deal worked out with Hervey involving tailback John White, who’ll instead be trying to run down the Lions when the teams meet in their rematch Saturday.


and this at todays practice

Marshall Ferguson?Verified account
9m9 minutes ago
Final #Ticats practice drill of the day was Field Goal with everyone screaming @Lirim_70 from five feet away as he nailed a 43-yarder. #CFL

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
28m28 minutes ago
June Jones confirms that Terrence Toliver is in concussion protocol. Toliver is moving through protocol and looks able to practice Thursday.#CFL#Ticats

Lowell Ullrich?
22m22 minutes ago
Anthony Thompson not thrilled but also not surprised to be fined $500 for hit to head of Terrence Toliver in Lions-Ticats game Sat., as levied by #CFL

$500 bucks seems kind of cheap for deliberately hitting somebody in the head. You do that on the street and you are going to jail.

Fine has to be stiffer if they want to protect the brains of players.

What’s the scoop on Mc Daniel and the Flyin Hawaiian? They taking any reps with the first team?

Based on comments from Coach Jones and observations tweeted from practice attendees, Marquay would appear to be the more likely of those two who’d see game action first. However, if Banks is back, as reports indicate he will be, there’ll likely only be one WR added to the active roster if Toliver sits, as expected. And, the choice could very well be 5th round draft pick Justin Buren.

This is idiotic. We have 2 veterans in camp and they dress a bunch of inexperienced guys in a very important part of the schedule! And along with dressing 2 QBs this whole things smells of cheapness to me! You can’t tell me that McDaniel and Owens wouldn’t have helped last Saturday!

This is irritating to me

I don't think either Owens or McDaniel would break the bank or make much if any more than the young receivers we are dressing. The team is spending close to the cap and are looking at a loophole to save some $$$ to be spent if needed later in the season is my take. It is different thinking but as was mentioned most NFL teams only dress 2 game day QBs too and I can't remember the last time we had to go 3 deep in QB for injury purposes.
Some teams close to the NHL cap were dressing one less player to save cap $$$ as a loophole to their cap rule.

We finally find out from Milton. ???

steve milton?
21m21 minutes ago
To those wondering in cyberspace about Chad Owens: since arriving here he has been able to do very little in practice because of an injury suffered almost immediately upon arrival. He hasn't taken any reps so won't play. Marquay McDaniel missed all last week too.

I think the hits over Chad Owen’s career have caught up with him. I believe he missed most of last season with injury as well. Perhaps time to hang up the cleats, before he suffers a debilitating injury?

Listening to Marshall Ferguson on the radio

Tolliver - probably
Banks - probably
Tracy - probably
Frankie Williams - probably
Neill - no
Westerman - no, gone for season

Should get Conner McGough some playing time at DE