Week two, the Eskies!

.........experience would say not but here's one guy that hopes the BBs do.......good luck blue and gold.........

Hey I am cheering on Stampeders East oh BB!

I'm not a fan of either team but I'd like to see the Bomber's win this one. You won't hear it a lot out of a Rider fan but I would like to see the "Mighty Eskies" fall to the "Bombers of the league".

Well, the Bombers didn't look too much better than they did last week...

But if there is a bright spot, it's the fact that the Bomber defense played pretty good and the special teams looked a lot better.

Also, the final score would have been a hell of a lot uglier if the Eskimos weren't penalized so much.

Once again, any sort of offensive output from the bombers would have made this a closer game, the Esks didnt really put it away until the 4th quater. I guess bomber fans can take something positive away from this one. The offense just needs to get rolling and the bombers will be competitive which I think is what all bomber fans were expecting this year.

I can’t wait until the BB’s start scraping each other in practice because they suck, while Daley feels too arrogant to fart he pees hisself watching instead.

I don't know if Daley would do that, but I think that they really need to think about his coaching methods and maybe do something about them.

Although in Daley's defense, he can only coach, and not play.

Maybe the Bombers just didn't recruit the right talent, or do they have lots of talent that is underachieving? I'm starting to suspect that they need an experienced quarterback more than anything else.

EskJebus... and I beg you, please stop patroling the new suspicions that'll begin to circulate here and everywhere else, before it becomes a reality.

What I'm referring us to (of course) is the fact Khari Jones will be another target, for the BB's, and we're right back where we started after he left.

We can speculate though, that I wouldn't be surprised if Jones came back here. I mean, the guy was a starter, nobody else wants him anyway. Glenn isn't going to save this team, and the BB's won't be mistaken to give Glenn a new contract after this year if he cannot produce as a starter. The way Khari was treated before he left was inexcusable, but the BB's created Khari "the monster". Now we can afford him, but the BB's couldn't afford his contract when we signed him for what he did here.

Glenn needed a make or break year, and this Bomber squad just doesn't have it.

Really, I'm defecting to Rider colors in the West notwithstanding.

One more thing, the best team* the Bombers ever had in the previous decade, was when we signed Dunigan to a multi-year deal. Our offense was truly unstoppable, it was an unbelievable unit/machine. I cannot recall what a dominating FORCE I've ever seen EVER in the CFL. Like honestly.

I brought up (Dunigan), because I had stated previously in my last post... that the Bomber's created a Monster in Khari. The problem was, that Khari couldn't produce with the guys around him for whatever reason after his MVP status. Cough Ritchie???? Glenn** won't be playing anywhere as a big money starting QB with the BB's.

Mike Kelly was our BEST offensive coordinator for the BB's. I know my history. But Urban Bowman should've been the Head Coach long before Reinbold... now this Daley character is stinking up our hopes. Thank gawd for dumping Cal Murphy and Ken Bishop.

R.I.P. Brendan Taman.... DO YOU SEE THAT LYLE BAUER???

Can we can the Khari crap? He sucks, his ensemble made him look good and there's no way on god's green earth he'll ever come back. You could have Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Matt Dunigan, whomever you regard as a great quarterback playing behind our offensive line, and they still wouldn't accomplish anything. Our receivers aren't great, but I think a big part of the problem with our offense is the fact that it has no time to set up. The receivers don't have time to run their routes, the quarterback doesn't have time to drop back. It's in a constant state of confusion and anxiety because it has no time to set up and go with a game plan. The biggest handicap this team has right now is the play of the offensive line. They stink, plain and simple. I don't know that Glenn and Martin can really be blamed for their poor perfomances. Martin drops back, and within seconds the pocket is closing in around him. He tries to make a roll out pass and there's a guy in his face as soon as he turns into the open field. Hopefully Taman will get canned after this season and we get a guy in here that'll shore up our offensive line. It's all we can hope for right now. That or hope that the Bomber coaching staff can get them playing up to a respectable standard.

Listen, brew. We've got to ride the "drama-train" train as fans, what else do we got... though you try a lot harder then me at doing damage control for the BB's. If we suck, I'll accept it and look for our other plugs. Meanwhile, I'm jumping on the Calgary/Sask bandwagon in the West. Hang in there.

Canadiano, I hope I didn't give off the impression that I'm throwing in the towel here. Although the Eskimo game wasn't great, the defense and special teams played a lot better, well enough to win and I thought that was very encouraging. I was just pointing out to my fellow Bomber compatriots that our offense won't get better until our O line does. I agree with you that a certain degree patience will be required of this group, and if you choose to jump on the bandwagon's of opposing teams until they get all the kinks out, that's your privilege. I don't mean to sound cynical or excessively pessimistic. I make posts on this forum because I care about this team.

the BOMBERS having to do something about the O line is a given.....where do you get an offensive linemen now is anybody's guess....they could start by bringing back Fuegil (which is rumoured) or give Bobo another call....they have to make some kind of move .....this is bloody pitiful. The secondary is also still a little suspect.....maybe a move or two there would also help... the weaknesses seem pretty glaring to the fans....the coaches can't be that bloody blind. :!:

Papa what you said about daly and not throwing michna into the fray because of the oline problem is right on the money. I am beginning to think Daly may be a racist, perhapps KK on this very forum, he has already offered up glenn and dean martin, can we expect to see wynn at number 3 on the menu before russ if the oline situation isnt corrected.

I’m not Daly and I’m no Racist.

KK, we're not here to sound hadi-capped as you make yourself apparent. No one is going to apologize to you for anything we haven't done. Furthermore, I speak for everyone when I say that.