Week two, the Eskies!

Boy do you guys have it tough, week one you get the second best D in the Riders, than the next week you have thee best D in the CFL my Eskimos :smiley:. I see an 0 for 2 start for the BBs :frowning: and a 2-0 start for my Eskimos :smiley: :smiley:

Sad but true. I think the only fireworks for the Bombers will be after the game.

At the very least the Bombers need to come out angry after the loss to the riders. :evil:

The Bombers showed no emotion when they stared the game last night. It was like they were saying to them selves, "Do I really have to play tonight" :shock:

Well, we hit rock bottom, the only way now is to go up!

Is Glenn starts and not Michna or another of our 2 QB's, we have no hope!

I agree with you tmfm, they were shameful. All they need is hope. They need a QB that's going to take command of the game. If the defense sees that their offense is going to bail them out once and awhile they'll gain confidence. But if I'm a defensive player for the Bombers and I know that my offense isn't going to get points on the board, how does that make me feel? Offensively, Glenn looked unsure of himself and it infiltrated the entire offense. Daley, stop being Mr. Loyalty and get Glenn out of their if he's sh***** the bed. We don't pay you to be loyal to your players, that's what Ritchie did and look what happened to him. We pay you to put players on the field that are going to win ball games.

I can't envision Bomber fans getting too excited about this one after that debacle against the Riders on Saturday.

You guys are muddled in your thinking and exploiting the BB's with nothing but cliche, cliche and more cliche's.

Like fuc* this. Start talking some real football without the cop-outs.

The BB's aren't nearly far off as the Eskimos, Riders or Lions. These threads are getting to be ridiculous, but I don't mind the purging... keep it up.

it's surprising how much a win can make you forget about a previous encounter....I'm sure the BOMBERS will show alot more in the home opener.....if the intensity is there.....and if they come away with a win' great ...if not, fans will judge them on effort and intestinal fortitude and that will have to do for now. :arrow:

You know the thing is the Lions went 0 and 4 in the first four games last year. Yes, the Bombers played bad. They reminded me of the Stamps last year. Defense on the field for most of the game and yes that is the reason for the lopsided score. The defnse did not bad but the offense needs lots of work. Mcgarity again a sub par game. If your coaching staff was smart they would get him a greyhound ticket out of town. He is a disruption the sooner you get rid of this disease the better.

After watching McGarity and his fellow Bomber receivers in the last game it makes me shake my head at the fact that Breedlove, Thibault and Derrick Smith were released, in addition to sitting out arguably their hardest working offensive player, Jamie Stoddard. I mean, we cut three decent receivers and jump at the chance to sign this Cloman character basically because he's a big target. Who gives a rats @$$, the guy can't catch worth a damn. We cut three guys who proved they could start in this game for a virtual unknown who was inserted into the line-up a week after joining the club. What a joke. As for McGarity, I can't say I'm a fan but we'll keep him around because he has speed and can stretch opposing defenses. Too bad he didn't do any of that in Regina....or the preseason....

I don’t see McGarity being a disruption at all. Daley is no non-sense a coach. I don’t care what anyone says. If there is a selfish player on the roster, Daley won’t have it… but then again, anything goes.

gonna be a few changes on Thurs…Tee Martin is going to get a shot at starter because of an injury to Glenn…hope he lives up to the press clippings and gets the BOMBERS going…Willy Fells is probably going to play as well…talented and inspirational is ol Willy and that’s what the bigblue need most of now…things could be looking up. Sure you don’t want to change your pick on ‘virtual grey cup challenge’ , brewbomber…just kidding :lol: but you never know for sure how Thurs game will go now.

........I think you guys have a decent defense and the men on it will be putting a lot of pressure on your O to pull their weight.........it will be tough to go against EE as they look pretty solid right now but every dragon has a chink in the scales.............know where EE's is?.........their O-line...........look at how many times Ray got pressured last week and how many hits he sustained by Ottawa's D........if I were Daley, I'd be blitzing every freaking opportunity I'd get to lay a hurt on Ray..........

I'm closest to estatic in tee martins ability to lead the BB's.

We don’t have to win this game with Edmonton, we just need to be a contender and make it a close game, if we do that, we will have come a long way for the disater in Regina.

if we get blow out again, the only team I see that the BB’s can beat this season is Ottawa and we may have trouble with them to.

I agree with RedandWhite. I wanna see Joe Fleming chew Ray up and spit him out. I thought our D line actually did half decently against Saskatchewan's sterling offensive line. As Redandwhite already alluded to, I think Edmonton's "chink" in the proverbial scales, is their offensive line, and I think our D linemen are good enough to give them fits all game long. Hopefully we have Ray on the run for a good part of the night.

The book on ray is that he's a pocket passer. The problem with his ability is that he can't scramble effectively under pressure. He's a good reader on defense, but NOT if he doesn't have time to throw the ball. I'm not joking. I saw him in action a couple of times last time he played here. The guy is incapable of finding his way out of the pocket, in case he gets in trouble. INCAPABLE.

I wouldn't trade Brown or Fleming for anything... they're a thing of beauty to watch happen. Like 2 raging bulls. Didn't you guys catch Fleming after his sack on Green???? The guy was beautiful.

My advice if you were a coach for the Bombers:

The D-Line assignment is purely to aim doing ANYTHING that'd make R.R. most vulnerable in the pocket... the more Ray is made incapable the better the chances are he'll throw the ball on bad decisions. "Pass rushing D-Line." However, the Secondary MUST be aware of playing in a zone/man-to-man coverage, knowing that the D-Line is pass rushing the QB. Everyone on the same page will contribute to this scheme of defense.

I know what I'm talking about, I used to play defense back in the day.

something positive to say...hmmmmm...ok try this on.
To win ( or keep it close) we need to:

  1. no brain fad penlties....more time then enough when we do something decent it gets erased.

  2. Kick some @$$.....hit somebody.....nothing more frustating to watch is a DB playing "tag" with a receiver......HIt the effn guy, let him know if he has the ball, that it's going to mean lots of ice the next couple of days.

  3. Catch the dam ball....it's brown, it's pointy, it's the reason you get paid.. just DO IT.

  4. Play mean but smart....see the last 3.


Gawd I hope so.

Good luck tonight, Blue Bombers! Kick Edmonton's ass

GO BB!!!