Week Two: attendance estimates

Actually the one corner is quite sparse, and the tiny upper deck on the non-camera side looks pretty empty. The upper deck is hard to even see clearly because it is so small, and the camera angle barely catches anything but the front barrier and the roof

A couple 22 k in the home opener for Ottawa and Hamilton .

Interesting how half the fans left at half time in Hamilton.
I really think TSN enforcong not just stupid Thurday games, but late games has a super negative impact on attendance.
I think the CFL needs to take back control of the situation.
Like tonight in Edmonton the game kicked off at 8pm.
No one with children under 10 would drag their kids back home at midnight. Edmonton could honestly have less than 10k tonight. Yet half the fans have Rider Jerseys on. The CFL needs to wake up now!! It might already be too late


I was at the game in Hamilton, and no one left at half time. What were you watching??

Methinks he forgets people go for hotdogs & beer & ,um, other things at half time.

The stands were significantly less full during OT then before half time.
Like it went from 90% full with no gaps in the stands, to 50% full with gaps everywhere including at mid field

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Most of the new stadiums have a ton of places to watch the game along the railing for the concourses. Mosaic Stadium always looks the same right after halftime.

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Im talking during OT.. The stadium was half empty..

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Although you originally said half-time. It wasn't a sell-out, but we had a very good crowd

I think it is a work in progress . . . and some progress is indeed being made. The Argos seem to have upped their social media game quite a bit this year. And apparently they've increased their ST sales.

“We invest in our season-seat holders and the retention of our members,” said Shewfelt. “The gift that we just sent our members (an Argos backpack and lapel pin) shows we’re investing in our season-seat holders to make sure they’re having the best experience. They are the lifeblood of the CFL; as Pinball says, they’re what makes the experience special.”

That part of the business seems to be working. The team renewed almost all of its members from a year ago and has added significantly to the existing base, though there’s obviously still a lot of heavy lifting to be done in that area.

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Week 3 attendance #'s

Week 3
BC Lions: 15,500
Montreal: 16,027
Calgary: 22,739
Winnipeg: 23,600

For those who are advocating for a May long weekend start, this is not an encouraging sign for attendance, especially for the prairie teams.

Hopefully attendance improves in the next set of coming games for some of them.

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[quote="mahalcflers, post:32, topic:78523"]

For those who are advocating for a May long weekend start, this is not an encouraging sign for attendance, especially for the prairie teams.

They seem equally balanced by the fans who don't want to start till Canada Day. I think we have it right.

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From mid-June to the end of November?

I can live with that.

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We’ll disagree on this forever Mahal. I don’t think the relatively poor attendance has anything to do with the earlier start date. The Bombers lost 5,000 because of the weather and the economy and after effects of Covid are wreaking havoc with people’s wallets.

boy I bet Doman is more than disappointed with that crowd.
Rhymes with Orange ......was it that sparse in there? Hard to tell on TV.

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was it that sparde in there? Hard to tell on TV.


Once again we had the biggest part of the crowd on the side the cameras weren't showing. But still disappointing.

COVID effected everyone. On a nice June day Winnipeg couldn't get 24,000?

I don't know. It's not like Jets were in the Stanley Cup tournament to take away from the Bombers.

Either that or tickets are highly pricey.

Define "nice" June day.


Oh, wait I forgot wasn't the game in Winnipeg delayed thanks to a thunderstorm?

To me the end of June to the end of November works just fine.