Week Two: attendance estimates

Give us your estimates for attendance for week 2:


Toronto: 12,500

Ottawa: 22,500

Hamilton: 24,500

Edmonton: 25,500

Taking the under.

Toronto 7,300
Ottawa 19,300
Hamilton 22,400
Edmonton 24,000

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Toronto : 9600

Ottawa : sounds about right

Hamilton : 22,000

Edmonton: under 24500.

Still surprised but happy that the Lions got over 34000.

Well last week I said you were being optimistic about your BC prediction, which ended up being way more than you predicted. So this week, I'm going to say you're being super optimistic about the Argos attendance.


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Ill do the real attendance numbers and not the BS reported.
Toronto 7800
Hamilton 9000
Ottawa 10200
Edmonton 6000

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as you wish

Trust me on this one . There will be probably 9,000 fans in Hamilton on the concourse or at the end zone bar or elsewhere BUT there will be another 14 to 15 thousand fans in the stands . So you ask me how do I know this ? The answer is simple really because I'm at every home game and have been for years .


It would be great that everyone that has a ticket, was a butt in the seats, but not taking in account sold tickets, seems odd.

I hope:
Toronto 15k
Hamilton 24K
Ottawa 22k+
Edmonton 25k. This one is hard, as the new president built some new excitement leading up to the season. How much did the blow out cost them?

Problem with any announced "actual" attendance is that it is impossible to know how many tickets were give-aways/promotions ... in some cities it is minimal but in others it can be substantial ...

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Give aways to people that actually go to the game, dont bother me.
What chaps my ass is when say Scotiabank gets 1000 premium seats at 10c on the dollar due to a sponsorship, and then only 20% of the tickets are used.
You walk up to tbe game, and cant get a decent seat, yet there are huge swaths of empty seats right at mid field.
Maybe I am dating myself but I miss the old CFL, where you atleast knew that the seats between the 20s would be packed


We’ll keep our season tickets and if we don’t go we give them to families that can’t afford game tickets, transit fares, snacks at games. So nice to see kids at games even if they don’t understand the game but, they know how to join into fun at games, then when they see themselves on big screen, to watch that excitement makes donating tickets to them soooo worthwhile.


Toronto - 13,117
Ottawa - 20,860
Hamilton - 23,395
Edmonton - 24,182

*with a +/- 99% margin of error

The issue is volume ... Als axed their freebie's when they moved from Big Owe to Percival Molson Stadium ... ONE factor was season ticket holders pissed at spending the money and the person sitting nect to them getting the same value ticket free.

In all fairness, Toronto has twice as many fans at their game than Calgary had. Both Thurday games, so its an apples to apples comparison.. Too bad it's amateur hour out there. What a terrible game.
Watch Stern fire Khari tonight. Wouldn't shock me in the least. This Stern guy is a real idiot. Why didnt the league find a local owner. What a lack and utter clown Exit Braley, now we have this dude to deal with😕

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12,498 at BMO .

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Better than I expected.

Hopefully work in progress.


The CFL has a history of clowns in their club.

Not sure about Bozo the Clown :clown_face: though​:thinking:

It's the season opener - it'll most likely drop the next game... at least with real butts in the seats and not the with the "ticket distributed" stuff.

Boy if I was living in Toronto I'd be at every game. I just love the look of that stadium on TV. Real grass and intimate. Looks like fun.

Now if I lived in Montreal and I was thinking of going to a game and was wondering about the Als I'd never go if I was to look at that forum here. The most mean spirited ranting one could imagine. Too bad they've allowed those two dudes to control the narrative. An echo chamber of hate. Coach must be fired. Owner is an idiot. Fire GM. Get rid of QBs (take your pick)

This Hamilton game looks like a legit near sell out. Excluding the Grey Cup, this looks to be the best attended game since 2017