Week Three Predictions

Anyway, I won't post here until at least after the game and if I write a comment I'll be nice. I promise.

Then I'll vanish into the mist... unless someone wants me back. :smiley:

Come back any time :+1:


Cats & Bombers .... Av’s & Bolts... Friday Night Football with Grey Cup Back to Back but no three peat ( I hope) & Avs win Lord Stanley ( no three peat)....Love Friday Nite Football

You are welcome here any time. Don't be shy :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :+1:


Kudos to the Ti Cat fans for figuring it out. Sticking to the team forum at least allows you to find previous posts and comments.

CFL.ca has lots going on and the forum is not the main focus but likely twice the work. Roll with the punches and avoid taking it too seriously.

Yes , ya’ll come back , hear?
Keeps things interesting , thanks...

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Occaisonally the Cats are even in the lead AFTER the 4th quarter. This hasn't happened in about 7 months though. :smile:

Maaax is hilarious. You're welcome in our house anytime. :+1:


AL’s; Bombers; BC ; Calgary....
A B C for week 3


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Thanks. By the way there's no truth to the rumour that we plan to win by outscoring your team this evening so tell your defense to relax.

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No need to tell them. They already know. :wink:

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