Week One: Hamilton @ Saskatchewan

Sunday June 29th 7:00pm ET.

This will be an interesting game, both teams are very different from GC101. While the losses of Dressler and Sheets hurt, we still boast the best QB in the West, best O-Line and Secondary in the league (arguably) and with Foley, Chick we still have that relentless pass rush to get after Collaros. It will be a tight game in the first half, looking at a 14-10 lead for Hamilton, at which point Saskatchewan will turn on the jets, a couple of bombs to Taj Smith set up some easy scores to make the final score 27-20 Saskatchewan...

Any other predictions? lets get this title defense under way!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Note: As of Friday morning no depth chart for either team has been posted.

The Cats gave up 12 sacks in pre-season. I know there are auditions and such, but that is a lot of sacks in 2 games. There is still some auditioning to do on the Rider DL, so that will be interesting to watch IMO, and could create some bad passes by a young QB into a solid secondary.

I feel the Cats still need to improve their DL a bit, but do believe it will be stronger than last season...good day to see lots of Rider runs early...that will suck up the secondary if they can get a couple 10+ yarders, and that will expose them later in the game.

Will the Cats want some vengeance in Regina and be hungrier? Normally I might agree, but there are so many critical starter jobs in the air for the Riders I don't believe it will be so.

When will the rain start? 15mil could be a big factor.

I think the Cats will run the cross pattern over and over and over and over...starting mainly in the 2nd Q. They are going to attack that inside LB spot with it and test the waters. It will also back off the D line a bit


Toston moved to PR, Allen gets the nod. Allen did crap in preseason. I find this concerning...
Serious ratio issues.
3 National receivers starting with no Canadian backups (though McHenry is dressed I guess)
only 1 RB dressed for the game + 3 FB. (I Guess Hughes is #2)
8 LBs on the 46

I really thought Toston hands down won the RB battle. I find this 46 depth chart somewhat concerning....mainly at RB. Hopefully Allen steps up and I am totally wrong....but preseason alone, he was outdone. Shocking that they talked RB by committee then only dress 1.

This is surprising at RB (Toston to PR), however Allen on special teams has the edge and in this area over the years is important to the Riders. Mind you Hughes is more than capable for RB on the forward movement of this years offense, but to move from FB is a touchy go.

Am very surprised that Toston is not in the lineup today

Allen has done something on ST? Green took the majority of returns in preseason...I don't even recall Allen taking one...though he may have. They have Green, Jackson and Ryan Smith for returning, and Green actually looked pretty good on coverage (though I hope the only dressed RB is not on teams today). As for Hughes...they have little choice if Allen even takes a knee and is out for 3 plays or gets winded or worse on a play in this game.

They need to move out an Import to make room for 2 RB...thats just crazy to say it is RB by committee then dress 1. Allen must look good in practice, because he did little in preseason. I can only assume one of the receivers or LBs will be ousted within a week or 2.

I was looking forward to watching Tosten today, but i agree Allen's preseason was not impressive at all. Hope that isn't the telling story today. Riders defense should have a hay day with Collaros.

I have not had a chance to see any of the new guys, so I can't comment yet on who should be playing etc! I do know, if we don't have a decent running game we could be in trouble. Can't wait for the game to start and see what kind of team we are fielding! Not to worried with our O-line or the defence in general. It's what the Offence does!
Go Riders!

Very interesting that Tosten has been placed on the PR. As soon as Allen was released from the NFL the Riders signed him on the spot and he started the pre season game only a few days later. I suspect that Allen is the guy they wanted all along but have to say Tosten played sop much better in the pre season.

Chamberlain spoke very highly of Neil Hughes abilities and believes he is a very serviceable back up Tail back. Also was discussed that when Hughes came into the CFL it was just a time when barely any Canadian RBS were used and was moved to and labeled a FB.

As for the Canadian Receivers using the same system as last year with two dressing and McHenry being an emergency back up. Have the three rookie receivers who look good in pre season but very few are able to actually play in a regular season game in their first year. All three are on the PR and likely will see 1 or 2 or all three return to the CIS for final year of eligibility with Thompson from the Thunder being a lot younger at just 21 BT had mentioned he is looking into the CIS.
neding that 3rd Canadian receiver Acquiring Etienne but he ultimately was not up to it at least for now and was released.
Leaves them with second year receiver Alex Anthony still developing at 23 years of age.
Sisco is officially on the 6 game now

Watman on the one game IR being replace on the roster by a backup import Olineman could have moved Tosten off the roster and on the PR.

Especially since I’d like to see Butler just try to tackle Toston 1 on 1 in the open field.

That is very shocking that Tosten is not playing. I know there is some import crunching having to dress an import OT with Watman out.

If my count is right they have 22 Imports on the 46 so one will need to be scratched.
Marshay Green will be on the roster as the returner and bnack up DB.

Maek Legree LB should be the likley scratch to get to 21.
OL Levi Adcock is a little bit of a surprise unless fulton has an unknown injury. Usually Watman and Clarke would be the back up Olineman. Watman injured on the one game could have dressed Matt Vonk with Dan Clarke subbing for anyone injured at a OG spot moving Labattet to LT if needed, Best to center if needed and Clarke at RT if needed.

Alos dressin two back up import receivers Riley could have been replaced by Tosten as well leaving Ryan smith to back up as well as McHenry.

Just seems like having Tosten in the line up would be more important especailly with his great blocking and power running.

I'm guessing Cortez feels more comfortable with Allen on blocking assignments, like most have said looking forward to the game and find out more on the RB front of things.

I think they chose the wrong guy at RB. Tosten is the man.The only safety net is the defense now.

I trust you are all singing a different tune now. Allen was very impressive.

With Allen being a pounding type back and with that o-line I could see him do even better than Sheets.

I do feel bad for Ricky Ray next week. He's going to need a truckload of deep rub if Sask's D plays like they did today next week.

I wonder what crow taste like. Nice job by Allen today. Great job by D today.

That was almost ALL offensive line. Allen's skill set did not look that special to me. Don't get me wrong, he did not play poorly at all but the hogs DOMINATED the point of attack. About 120 of those 150 yards were easy yards. In fact I thought Allen could do a better job protecting the ball on that fumble, which to his credit he seemed to do a better job of that the rest of the game. Also, I thought he looked tentative a couple of times stutter-stepping into the hole which is a pet peeve of mine.

I don't disagree that a large amount of credit has to go to our line but the guy was finding holes and breaking tackles. What more can you ask from the guy? You act like he wasn't making great cuts all game to find those holes that the line was making for him. Is he as good a runner as Sheets? No, but you are down playing what he did a lot.
As far as that fumble you wish he would have protected the ball more? The guys helmet hit him directly in his hands there was almost nothing he could have done to protect the ball more than what he was doing, he had it in tight to his body and gripped in the crook of his elbow... do you wish he had steel hands, so they don't go numb when a helmet connects with them ?

He is a better receiver than Sheets was by FAR as Sheets receiving ability was pretty week, and his blocking seemed about on par with him.. All in all after one game he looks damn good and your down playing of him isn't doing the game he had justice at all..
Is he as good a runner as Sheets? To early to tell IMO, Is he going to be another great back? Who the hell knows but he had a damn good first ever game in the CFL and it would be nice to see him get the credit he deserves for it.

With that said I think most running backs would look pretty damn good behind our line this year, which to me just means we really don't need a superstar back. Still though, no matter how good your line is you need a back with vision who can find the holes they open up for him.

Excellent feed back I must say Jindred. And for the record to prairiedog72; Has it occurred to you that the Riders O-Line has and thus is improved from last year. I believe they have.
Allen posted a 5.9 average per carry - 27 for 158 yds. :thup: