Week Off or Week of Hard Practice

Is there a mandatory time off during bye weeks or are the teams able to go through a full out practice schedule?

I’m not sure, but I doubt it’s a contractual thing. One would assume Ottawa would not take too many days off from practice.
Sorry for the lack of a definitive answer.

There’s no defined requirements for the bye week.

Some coaches let players head out immediately following the game preceding the bye week.

Other coaches try to be hardline jackasses and call mandatory meetings for Monday or Tuesday of the bye week.

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I've always thought that the bye week was a mandated week off and I would have based that thought on something that I'd heard, but I've never seen any rule in writing. I know that many players (maybe not this year) use the bye week to fly home and be with family. This would not be possible if coaches made them practice. There are so many restrictions on practices in the CBA that I would be shocked if the teams were allowed to force their players to practice during a bye. In fact I would be shocked if teams were allowed to host official optional practices since there is no such thing as an optional practice. If your coach ever holds an 'optional' practice, you better be there or you will fall in his standing. This is why coaches are not even allowed on the same field with players once the official practice hours are over.

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