Week for cutting of Vets

Is everyone clearing their rosters for NFl cuts? Already this week Alexis Serna, Derick Armstrong and Joe McGrath have lost their jobs. These aren't no name talents but guys respected throughout the league. Is the talent on the rosters that deep that many of these tried and true vets are expendable?

Joe McGrath sucks.. that's why he was let go, pretty simple really.

Serna just couldn't cut it.

Armstrong is the only one I don't quite understand really.

There is a CFL rule that once a vet has played a certain number games in a season, their salary is guaranteed for the rest of the year. In a salary cap league, that would be a waste if the player isn't performing. I can see Armstrong and McGrath resurfacing somewhere because of their vet presence.

but you saw what McGrath did the last time, he didn't wanna play in Saskatchewan.. whaaaa.. so they traded him to Edmonton for a first rounder.

As it turned out that was a brilliant move by Tillman.

Saskatchewan should sign McGrath. Then they can trade him for a 1st round pick, eh?

That's a move I'd like to forget. :roll:

Don't worry. With Danny M gone, I'm quite confident that now the mosts the Esks will give up is a 2nd rounder to get him back.