Week 9 TV: Averages 561,000 Per Game

The weekly average again involving two games, was down 36,500 from last weeks two games.
On the positive, the CFL won the night in sports with the next closest being the Jays but still our figures were about 150,000 more. Also of note, the Saturday game was an afternoon affair so the number is really good when you consider. The Als RDS numbers are not included and the last time it was reported this year the average is about 200,000 viewers.

Frid: Ham- Win 634,000
Sat: Mon - Cal 488,000

Average: 561,000

Is the number still really good when you compare the number to last years?

The TV numbers are down by about 150,000 per game as last year the averages were around 750k.
Having said that, all of the other sports leagues are even more.

Do you mean that the television ratings of all of the other sports leagues are down even more than the CFL's are? If so, is that in absolute numbers or as a percentage?

In either case, if true, that might lend some credibility to the suggestion that people are finding other ways to watch their sports or just doing other things besides staying inside and watching sports.

I have read how all TV numbers across the board are down.
Specifically and for the CFL since I follow the numbers we know the difference between the two years.

Hmm down 20%... that's really not good. Hopefully interest picks up so in 2 years time they can get a great tv deal.

I really think these numbers are what matter re: a new tv contract. I forget how much teams get now, but things could really get a lot stronger when teams get say double the money they do now.

Despite the blip in TV numbers this year, the leagues current annual contract is $15M.
This figure is grossly undervalued for the second most popular TV property in Canada.
Most predict how this number will go up drastically and I have been calling around $50M.

Is the current deal expiring after 2012 or 2013? I wonder if having 81 regular season games instead of 72 in 2014 will play a role in negotiations.

After 2012.
With Ottawa coming in now in 2014, maybe we can get a 10th team and that would mean 90 regular season game.
Even more reason for the TV contract to in demand.

It's after 2012, but there's an option year for 2013. Presumably TSN will take that option, since they're getting the CFL rights for a bargain currently.

As far as the numbers go, I'd wait until the end of the season before jumping to rash conclusions. This is still a relatively small sample size. I do know, that the CFL doesn't like the Saturday dates, especially in the summer and if had their wish would likely see the disappear.

there is so much streaming now adays it is almost impossible to get true numbers.

20% is not a 'blip'.

If you are making $50k as a salary and then next year you are down to $40k, you would not think it is a blip.

A blip is something short lived and significantly different from the norm. If I were back up to $50k the next year, I probably would consider the $40k year a blip. Likewise, if next year's TV numbers more or less the same as the last two years' averages, I would consider this year's to be a blip. On the other hand, if next year's are more or less the same as this year's, I might be tempted to consider the last two years as a blip.

CFL viewership always goes up after August. Are the averages from last year for the entire season, or for the first 9 weeks last year? (which would be the most accurate).