week 9 predictions

Might as well get it started,here are my week 9 predictions

B.C @ MTL.............B.C by 10 Mtl. ravaged by injuries,Nieswander starting,no chance,Lions roll in this one

CLG @ TOR.............CLG by 3 Cornish runs all-over pourous Tor. def.,Paredes final play f.g. wins it for Calg.

WNP @ HAM............HAM by 21 Cats continue from last game,winning this going away,over by half-time.

SAS @ EDM............EDM by 2 Breaks finally go Eskimos way,win close instead of lose close,upset special of week

AGREE/DISAGREE/THOUGHTS ??? Lets get the predictions going for this week of football action :rockin: :cowboy:

isn't that what BigDave's game is?

OOOPS!!!!!My Bad,never even noticed Big Daves Thread,never really read it before now,thanx will repost in Big Daves :oops:

BC by 17
Toronto by 3
Hamilton by 10
Edmonton by 3

Friday’s game will be the game of the week!

Idk where the other thread is lol
I take:
BC-Mtl is too hurt
TOR-Cgy on the road?
HAM-Wpg is a dumpster fire.
SSK-My heart makes me say Riders but half my brain says Esks :frowning:

While the defense played horribly against Edmonton, in the 3 games prior to that, the defense only surrendered an average of 15 points per game. Further, there are only 2 teams in the league who have surrendered less points than the Argos this year (BC and Saskatchewan).

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Good luck, its a lot of fun (even more when you are in the lead)

...you'll never pass the urine test...

I thought PED's were encouraged in the VGCC

PED is encouraged, Professional Education Degree; jm02 :cowboy:


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