week 9 predictions

Might as well get it started!!! Here goes

B.C @ MTL.............B.C. by 10 Mtl. ravaged by injuries,Nieswander starting,no chance,Lions roll in this one

CLG @ TOR.............CLG. by 3 Cornish runs all-over Toronto's pourous Defense,Paredes final play F.G. wins game

WNP @ HAM............HAM. by 21 Cats continue from last weeks game,winning this one from the get go,over at 1/2

SAS @ EDM............EDM. by 2 Breaks finally go Eskimos way,win close instead of lose close,upset special of week

AGREE ? DISAGREE ? THOUGHTS ? lets get the predictions going for week 9 GO CATS GO !!!! :cowboy:

I like all your picks Bobo. Not just because we are the only Eastern team winning this weekend, but because the Riders and the Eskies are going in different directions right now (especially at the QB position). The Cats now know what Max Hall is all about and that he can't get a drive going unless we give him 30 yards or more in penalties. Cornish is running like a madman these days, as if he doesn't want Sheets to take all the limelight. And the Lions/Als call is a no-brainer.

except that Cornish likely won't be playing...

You're right Karen. Cornish was declared "questionable" two hours ago.

Cornish has a "thigh contusion." That's what we used to call a Charley horse. We can't call it a Charley horse any longer because Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall finds it offensive.

Coffee out of nose and all over the keyboard...

Cal @ Tor - High scoring close game. 6 to 5 and pick em .

Wpg @ Ham - Ham by 10 Wpg will try to control the clock but I am beginning to think that they can't
stop ticats. Win turnover battle and Ticats win.

Mtl vs BC BC by 10 Turnovers could lead to Lions blowout.

Sask @ Edm - Riders are beginning to experience injuries which is bad.
Riders are reading their own press and think they are better than they are. Which is bad.
Edmonton are a lot better team than Week # 1 when they lost to Riders.
Esk's have a lot to prove.
Edmonton in an upset.

saskatchewan wins by at least 10 points,no problem at all…
montreal gets killed
hamilton wins
toronto wins easily

I like the picks but now that Cornish isn't playing it he won't be running all over TO's D. Honouring the 1983 TO GC team might give the Argos a bit of an extra boost too. Would like to see both Stamps and Esks win but won't hold my breath!

After all the forecasts of Montreal's impending destruction at the hands of the mighty Lions, all you can really be sure of is that predicting is a mug's game.... especially in the CFL.

LOL!!!!! Ain't that the truth !!!!! Oh well......1 game down......1 game wrong......and 3 to go.