WEEK 9: Montreal Alouettes @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats

We should be getting our depth chart up in a week or two considering that last weeks depth chart vs Ottawa never did and still hasn’t be posted yet . :roll_eyes: Ticats.ca is turning into an absolute joke . No updated depth charts , no updated schedule results , no updated player stats , no updated standings etc etc .

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Hey, just be happy you have a team to cheer for, never mind the stupid ticats.ca non-updates. Don’t sweat the small stuff. When they win, don’t question the stupid stuff you witnessed while watching the game. Just be happy that they won.


Gee thanks for the pep talk there MP2 . I feel much better now . Now if you excuse me I have to go eat a Snickers bar .


I would like to see a breakdown of the injuries related to the position played, player age and type of injury.

All we need is a good stats system…

The team posted this, no official team depth chart on the site since Jul 21 (Tor) game. No indication who’s in, out, or on any injured lists.

All the injury scares in the reports this week and it looks like we have everybody we would expect.

‘All we need is a good stats system’…Now that’s funny ! :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

May I suggest you contact Randy Bobandy Ambrosie , Stupidvisor at 3 Genius Avenue , lot 10 , Sunnyvale Trailer Park .

I’m sure he will have all the answers to all of your questions .


Looks the same as last week’s game. I may be missing some minor changes.

Well holy cow , someone must have been reading this forum because no sooner did I mention the depth chart not being updated lo and behold its now up on the site . I also might add that for those interested they also finally put up the depth chart from last weeks tilt in Ottawa .

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C’est justement dans les zones intermédiaires que la défensive de Thorpe est vulnérable. Mais ça, c’est en défensive de zone. En défensive homme à homme, il y a de nombreux nouveaux à la défensive à cause des nombreuses blessures et ça pourrait favoriser l’attaque. Stubblefield devrait être ciblé et je crois qu’il s’y attend.


Not looking forward to seeing how Tim White shreds our defense tomorrow. The guy kills us every time.

JaGared on the 6 game.

Pretty sure after he was benched for performance reasons I said “watch him end up on the 6 game”.

Took a while but here we are.


That mid-depth zone is Hamilton’s vulnerability too, and has been for a few years.

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Yeah, like LeStaf said, there are definitely opportunities to attack Montreal’s defense with all the injuries. We’ve got five starters out on defense.

So with Davis , Figueroa and BLM that is basically the three biggest FA signings of this season all sitting on the 6 gm IL .

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I feel your pain, bobo. Our 6-game injured list is disturbingly crowded. Some of these guys haven’t even played a snap of football for us this season. And nine of them were projected as starters. :frowning:

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I’d put Thurman on top of Davis and Figs in the ranking of biggest FA signings.


Butler too. Duke over Davis. (Or along side.)


How did I forget Butler. For sure.

At the time I was hesitant about Duke…but it’s been a good one


My bad I should’ve said three of the biggest , not three biggest .

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