WEEK 9: Montreal Alouettes @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Is anyone aware of Dylan Wynn’s injury status ?
I believe he served the full term of his 6 Game IR designation, and was also participating in practices towards the end of his 6 Game stint. I do not recall if he ever progressed beyond “Limited” participation in practice.

Obviously Wynn was not activated off the IR list for the Ottawa game. In fact, the Tiger-Cats decided to leave him on the 6 Game IR list. Does this mean that he is once again ineligible to participate in practice?? He is not listed on this week’s injury report in any form.

Seeing Wynn on the sideline the last two games at THF, it looks like he is a ball of energy, just “chomping at the bit” to get back on the field. Status ??

PS: STE did return to the game following his injury on Friday evening in Ottawa.

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You’ll be pleased to know that my Als are not only playing on a short week but fielding their B team due to a rash of injuries coming out of the Calgary game.

  • Najee Murray (SAM) done for season with torn pectoral
  • Keon Julien-Grant (WR) reported to be going on the 6-game with a fractured hand
  • Austin Mack (WR) and Lwal Uguak (DL) limited in practice today
  • Avery Williams (MLB) and Dionte Ruffin (DHB) were DNPs today

I had initially picked Montreal in the pool, but I have now changed my pick to Hamilton, sadly.

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Argos released Markeith Ambles. He just got off the 6-game injured list, but he had pretty good statistics in 2022. And I am sure he will be picked up by a CFL team not named Tiger-Cats.

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He was practicing and looked fine yesterday so maybe he just had a cramp or minorly tweaked something


This comment actually has nothing to do with this game versus the Alouettes.
But speaking of playing on a “short week” . . .

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ forum is overflowing with all sorts of criticism directed at the Tiger-Cats’ front office staff (who report to President of Football Ops, Orlondo Steinauer), Coach O (in his “other” role) & various members of the coaching staff, the OLine, Bo Levi Mitchell, etc. etc.

Following their Labour Day game versus the Argos, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have only 3 days to prepare for a game versus the Ottawa RedBlacks on September 8th, and one of those days will be a travel day because this is a road game for the 'Cats. Oh, and did I mention that Ottawa will be coming off a Bye week prior to that game??
So first of all, the CFL should have strict rules that prevent such idiotic scheduling.

But the real point of this post is this:
Are we supposed to believe that the CFL releases their official schedule each year without any consultation with the 9 member clubs each year?? How did such a schedule ever get approved without a strong protest from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club?? Are we supposed to believe it was logistically impossible to resolve this nightmarish scheduling scenario for the Tiger-Cats?? Is TD Place hosting a Monster Truck Rally on the weekend??

I am not buying such an explanation. Add this to the list of poor attention to detail on the part of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats this year. Perhaps everyone was too preoccupied with planning all of the Grey Cup Festivities at the end of the year . . .


The scheduling is really asinine, I agree. My team has had 2 byes in 5 weeks, and has both benefited from and been victimized by the short week vs. bye thing (coming off a bye and playing a team on a short week, and the opposite).

One major reason why I can’t wait until the league adds a 10th team? It does away with one stupid bye since an even number of teams allows every team to play every week, in theory.


STE was practicing yesterday , i said hi to him , Bailey Feltmate and Felix Garand-Gauthier after practice. I seen Dylan Wynn at practice yesterday but he wasn’t practicing he was just doing physio / conditioning stuff on the sideline.


It will be interesting to see how MTL defends a lateral pass to Locksley in the flats, now that he has demonstrated that he can be dangerous running with the ball.

Do you send tacklers after him, or make sure you continue to cover all the other receivers in case he throws it?

(Also, if it’s a lateral pass: he’d better catch the damn ball.)


This is what was sorely lacking in Powell’s debut against the Argos. For some reason Condell did not let him stretch the field. Even a couple of attempted deep shots would have pulled the Argos defence back a bit. As a result the Argos mostly played shallow and easily took away the Run Game.

I’m hoping for an entirely different mindset against the Als.


Good read From Milton
Ticats look to rookie QB Powell as Bo Levi Mitchell undergoes surgery?


Can’t agree more. I keep harping on this point - but if you’re going to let BLM throw five or six picks why be conservative when Powell is under centre? Unless Powell somehow doesn’t know how to throw deep? Hopefully a week of practice will help.


The list of 6 new injuries, this week, with which I started this thread, is now 7, as Woodmansey sits out practice with a shoulder problem:

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Reinebold got his mojo back last game. I hope we see more creativity from him.


Is it just me or do we seem to have a ridiculous amount of injuries going back a few years now?

So many key players cycling in and out of the lineup and missing a lot of games.

Other then impact injuries, is conditioning or something else an issue with this team?

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That’s a great question and observation. They should just ask Stein so we can hear his “to be honest with you” answer as he nervously grabs his hat and proceeds with his BS explanation.


Injuries are being treated a LOT sooner than in yesteryear, and players dont play through injuries like an ACL tear any more. It’s much more beneficial to treat a muscle strain or joint sprain before it becomes a “real” injury.

For the most part, I don’t think it’s a LACK of conditioning - I actually think it’s due to OVER conditioning. Players are so strong these days that they are putting tremendous strain on their joints, and I’m not at all certain that the soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc) is getting any more resiliant.

@Crash I know you mentioned that your wife is a licenced physiotherapist. Does she hae any input on this?


Towards the end of training camp, RB James Butler, being interviewed on CHCH, said something to the effect that it was the toughest training camp he had ever been thru.

Would that make it a good or bad thing?


Montreals Depth chart

I know most likely Mack plays but just think if Mack and Grant both didnt play

This makes sense, speaking as someone who knows nothing about the science behind it.

If you think about what may have changed from a few decades back where most players played full seasons, there are limited options.

There’s the playing surface, the foot ware. And then there’s the players’ bodies themselves.