Week 9 @Edmonton

I feel like our offense has been figured out some around the league so I don't see our struggles coming to an immediate hault. I also don't like the way Reilly is progressing coming into this game and the fact that we always find ways to lose in edm. I still like our chances mostly because of my confidence in our D and coaching staff but I feel like we could lose this and am a lot more scared of this game than I was two weeks ago. I still feel like we win but its a lot closer than it should be.

Prediction:23-16 Riders.

I guess is depends which team comes to play, all of them or just some of them. I hope last week-end was just a bad game for DD , lets hope that's all it is, and not DD sliding back into old bad habits, he has the time this year for the reads and he can be a great QB! I hope they all come to play and yes Edmonton are starting to get there game going. If the D plays great we win.

37-21 Riders

Well, if Reilly continues his progression it will be painfull if they play like this weekend.

I'm in Edmonton to watch this game. If the Riders play like they did this weekend, it's not gonna be pretty, I fear. I just want a good one, regardless of the outcome. :thup:

Heh...I'm going to the game as well gingersnaps.

no kids!

I disagree. I mean I hope for a great game sure, but I would DEFINITELY prefer a godawful butt-fugly Rider win to and kind of loss exciting or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate it when I get a bad feeling about a game, and things don't feel right for the Riders right now. They've been very slow starters on O, and Reilly is beginning to put up the passing yards. Edmonton is as due for a win as the Riders are due for a loss. Riders have to do a better job of tackling and wrapping up on the short stuff. They also need to hang on to the ball and keep the penalties down. Durant needs to get rid of the ball quicker, and the O-line needs to get Sheets going again. The pass rush needs to make things very uncomfortable for Reilly. Riders could lose big or win a close one--will be a tough game.

They need to have faith in Butler so that Rey can do his thing, and Tbrack doesn't have to worry about coming in to finish a tackle, wearing himself out a lil more each time in the heat.

That's what I don't have faith in.

Sheets is going to have a monster game IMO.

I wanna see Brack start at S and Kromah at LB with Butler in on subs, Kromah is a MUCH better tackler. I have this weird feeling like both Charles and Koch are gonna have huge games. I can just hear Rod Black:"HUGH CHARLES!!! KERRY KOCH!!!! THE FORMER RIDERS!!!!"

Same here! They're envious, though. lol

I told them it was their mother's choice, not mine.

her response...eat your vegetables

lol...god, I can't even set her up anymore, she is becoming much too sly.

IF Kromah plays, it won't be until after 9 games at this point.

Heh…think I like that girl. lol

Mine are at their dad’s place that weekend. They think they miss out on too much fun when they’re not with me. I think they’re right! lol

HA...yeah...you should phone them from the game and be like "I am having so much fun"

Yeah...it sounds like you 2 would get along from other talks, but I fear at my expense. Her latest thing was "I can't wait until they can drive so we can phone them and say 'Momma's loaded, come pick me up' "

Though I must admit a free taxi sounds appealing...all it will cost me is a car. The boy is starting to take a real liking for football, but I am undecided if I will let him play in HS.

Is he actually hurt or just "hurt"?

Sam Hurl then. Don't even have to jig the ratio.

Doesn't matter...he is 7 into a 9 game.
that said, I didn't fully understand taking Hughes off early, but I think Kromah's contract is bigger...they re-signed him with intents of being a starter until Williams happened along. But even if you put him at 75K...that is 37500 of extra cap if he comes in now.

I understand that he has to stay the two weeks now I was just curious as to if the main opinion was that he was actually hurt or not.

Yes, I believe he got a staff infection from a paper cut while licking a stamp.

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Is anybody else a tad bit nervous for this game? Edmonton is due for a win, and their O is playing great right now. Hopefully our O steps up and plays like we know they can on Saturday.