Week 9 after thoughts

Well another nail biter, but I’ll take it! Team over all played well. Anderson had a great game , but with that said, Diamond Farris, what is this guys problem, week after week, cheap shots, bad penalties, They need to sit this guy down and explain a few things I think!!

DD played much better, as I thought he would. Chick was on fire this week also. We had no turn overs so that’s a big improvement!

Between Sheets and Schmit, what great games, along with Milo!

Next 2 weeks should be a lot easier on us, as the Bombers continue to have there share of problems!!

Hats off boys, ya did good!! 7-1 nice start to the season!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Ferri needs to sit down for a game or two. This guy is going to eventually cost us the game.

A much better performance than in weeks past. I think we have to accept the fact that we're not going to dominate like in the first weeks and games are gonna be a lot closer. I also agree with Ferri. He's really annoying me recently.

My first ever CFL game in the flesh (a friend snagged great free tickets) and what a nail biter. Great to see the Riders prevail, and Sheets was really impressive as the game wore on. And Dressler is a treat to watch; what a heart the guy has!
The Esks played great, it could have gone either way. I’m still concerned about the Riders secondary; they gave up a few big plays that looked stoppable, although the Esks receivers made great catches.
And Diamond Ferri?? Why do the Riders keep him around? The Riders had the Esks stopped deep in their end until Ferri took another roughing penalty which led to an Esks scoring drive.
Other than that, a very entertaining game, and my Esks friends were very gracious in defeat.

This makes four of us who want to see Ferri sit out a game or two - it is his 2nd week in row drawing 30 yards in penalties.

Very proud of Kory for slugging it out early then being able to pick through the Eskimo D in the latter stages - he so much fun to watch. DD had a good solid night - great stats and made excellent use of his receiving core. Kudos to the team for another win. 7 and 1 baby!

Not as dominant since coming off our Bye week but wins are wins and were playing good football. Winnipeg could be a trap game, maybe not the LDC but I'm worried about the Banjo Bowl. Remember what we did to Winnipeg when the roles were reversed in 2011? We need to be VERY careful how we approach these next 2 games.

These were my thoughts. We can't expect any games to be easy wins. WPG has win another game at some point, and the Banjo Bowl is a good game for a new QB to come in for WPG with not a lot of tape on him.

If they would have cut him last week like I said they should, or any of the other times that I said that they should, they would have saved 30 yards of field position and would have snuffed out one drive that he extended on second and long.

Diamond, you are a complete idiot. Get off my team!

We are setting ourselves up for defeat if we think the Bombers are going to be a cake walk on Labour Day. To paraphrase Hufnagel in the 2008 Grey Cup "[the bombers] have the Riders right where they want them..". As Coach said in the postgame meeting "Be humble". The Bombers will be hungry and we can't take them lightly!

Time to put Ferri on waivers. His antics are going to cost us an important game...like playoffs or Grey Cup.

Have t0 agree he has come close twice now to loosing the game for us.. He needs the talk Anderson got earlier in the season. Anderson has kept his cool since. A lot of guys would have ripped off Cornish's head for what he did. It took a lot of control to do nothing. Great team effort buy everyone except Ferri. We can't afford to play Russian roulette. Just an opinion.

It sounds insane but I almost want him to cost us a game soon, so maybe Taman will finally cut his ass. I don't want to risk having him on the roster in possibly the GC and doing it then. I don't want an '09 scenario on this moron's idiotic head.

The offense struggled to put touchdowns on the board early in the game, but overall they played well. You can't say too many negative things about them when you get over 100 yards rushing and 300 yards passing.

The most concerning thing was the defenses inability to stop Edmonton in the 2nd half. Granted I counted about 4 circus catches from the Eskimos that they likely can't repeat, but the D should have stepped it up earlier. The early trend of dominating teams in the 3rd quarter has come to a crashing halt the past 2 games.

I'd also like to see Jock back in the labour day game provided that he's healthy. Dressler didn't look impressive and actually took some losses on a couple of returns. I like him back there late in a close game for his reliability, but he doesn't have a lot of explosiveness on a regular basis, and it would suck to see him hurt on a return.

Yes, I was concerned at times that the defence was playing a bit soft, and the secondary still seems a bit too susceptible to big plays, i.e. Stamps getting wide open in the end zone on his first TD. So far, they've been able to come up with big plays late when it counts, but that won't happen every game.
Re Dressler returning punts, I love his reliability but am also concerned about him getting injured. I was sitting fairly close to the field and could see him clearly holding his injured shoulder on a few occasions. He's tough, shook it off, but doing double duty won't help.

Returning punts isn as dangerous in the CFL as one might think. With the five yard cushion other teams need to give, it usually gives the returned enough time to either brace himself for the hit, or go down. I wouldnt want him returning kickoffs tho.

I'm happy we won but we were lucky.
We should've took a penalty on the hit to Reilly. Not intentional agreed, but by rule, it was a penalty. (Could be a fine coming too) That would've kept the drive going and Reilly had the Riders D guessing in the 4th Q since he basically tried to win the game all by himself. Gutsy performance but hey, you've GOT teammates. (side note....is Reilly OK? He was beaten from pillar to post)

Other stuff - cant' believe Geroy is happy catching 1 ball a game. With Bagg out, I'm sure he expected a few more balls. But, he's sure getting some space for the other guys.
Durant was slow out of the gate, too. Some poorly thrown balls early but his numbers ended very well. He's still got that sore ankle. I would sit him for Labour Day and get him healthy. After we're done with the Bombers, the schedule gets real tough.
Another view point - I think the other teams are catching up to us. We had a fast start and now we're seeing teams catch up.

Anyway, not much to complain about - there is so much good stuff going on but as any Rider fan will tell you, no matter how good it gets in Riderville, the grim reaper is just around the corner.

at this point, I highly doubt sitting Durant will help much. At a certain point sprains heal when they choose to. I have had bad ones that took near a year, and I have had one from several years ago that still tightens up on me and makes me walk odd at times. I sprained my elbow several years ago and the only thing that seems to make that pain go away at times is booze...obscene amounts of booze.

Don't get me wrong, any bad team can beat the best of teams on any given week, I just think Winnipeg has got a mess of trouble, and I don't see them being anywhere near as good as Edmonton was. Yes we have to take them seriously, but I still say we really are a better team than they are right now. But with that said there D line has been strong with pressure on QB's. The sack count proves that. Will be interesting to see how our O line handles them!