Week 8 Unofficial Power Rankings

Do you really think that Tiger-Cat fans really want to hear about western teams ?

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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Pretty sure that meisthename is a Cat fan who brought up Western teams, so Yeh, I guess they do want to hear about Western teams.

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In all honesty I’ve been in this forum and on this board for years and I can’t ever recall seeing this “meisthename” character ever posting here before . In fairness though maybe he used to post under a different username but I really don’t think so . Looking at his posts if I had to take a guess I would say that he is a definite Stamps fan but then again , what do I know ?


That person joined the forum 9 days ago . How do you know what team they support ? It could be the Moscow Dynamo . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch(the aged one)

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or it could be the Thunder Bay Trollers :thinking:


hit a sore spot did I

Perhaps as Ticat fans we could contribute insights as a neutral party.

Dear SSK and CAL fans: Both your teams suck.

You're welcome.


Stamps are better than the SILLYNAMES.

The only way Stamps miss the playoffs is if Dickhead stubbornly sticks with BLM. Which I wholeheartedly hope he does.

So which son do Mom & Pop Dickenson cheer for when the Stamps play the Riders?

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How quickly things can change in the league! Ottawa sucks no more!!! :smiley: :+1:

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You know what they say about a blind squirrel…


well, when you make a ranking post mentioning all other teams, then you invite discussion about every team. It is fair game. Bickering is another thing.


I don’t mind reading and talking about other teams, we are (or should be) fans of the CFL in general.
What I DON’T like, however, is fans from different competing teams invading our message board and start arguing with each other. There are the individual team boards, and the League board, for them to do so.
Really, it’s simple respect for each team’s message boards and fans. It’s the same thing if I and a blew team fan invaded the Calgary forum and started arguing between us.


2011 BC Lions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2005 BC Lions :open_mouth:

That season went in reverse. :laughing:

Listen here a Ti-cat fan. Sure was fun watching them in Calgary get destroyed by the Bombers. If they get in this year,because of that weak East Division they’ll get beat again…probably by the same team

You must be really loving it that the Stamps are struggling lol. The model team in the league for 15-20 years. Not bad.So Dickenson is now Dickhead?? I figured these forums would have at least one of your type.

Trolls gotta troll... :roll_eyes:


keeping on topic, the Ticats suck! Now, how in hell did someone come up with this: “Solid road win over a worthy opponent.” ?? SOLID? They won on a controversial TD call … and by 1 point (not counting the last fumble which wouldn’t have happened had the previous touchdown been called correctly. The off field officials couldn’t make the call because the 2 cameras the CFL uses doesn’t show anything other than one camera showing a grass level view, and the other showing some painted face in the crown. Even the on field official couldn’t see it with the crowd of bodies in front of him. I have seats on the 15 right there, and the refs arms flew up before the ball was even close, and even then he fumbled the ball…
Not sour grapes, I’m just tired of poor officiating league wide!
Anyway, my rant was based on the “solid win” comment … that’s a larf!

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