Week 8 Unofficial Power Rankings

1. Winnipeg

No debate or discussion really. Up next the BC Lions.

2. Saskatchewan

Solid road win over a worthy opponent. I'm not convinced Fajardo scored, and BC essentially handed them this game but full marks for taking it.

3. Hamilton

While it wasn't pretty again, the Cats have won 4 of their last 5 and their only loss was by 1 point. They could be ready to take it up a notch with essentially an all star team returning from injury.

4. BC

Hung in there with Sask. Rick Campbell likely wants that 3rd down punt decision back, and they just might have stopped Fajardo short of the goal line. Either way the true measuring stick comes next week by way of Winnipeg.

5. Toronto

They were outgained by a ton and had much less time of position but their D came up big and Macbeth made a couple of key throws when it mattered. Next up the Cats again on Thanksgiving which could give much more clarity on 1st place in the East

6. Edmonton

Bye week, no change. Next up, the free spot on the Bingo card and the bizarre return of Trevor Harris from the shortest 6 weeks I've ever seen.

7. Montreal

Vernon Adams doesn't look great. Poor decisions at the wrong time continue to plague him. They racked up yardage but turned the ball over. Will they get that much room with Hamiltons D up next?

8. Calgary

Bye week. No change. A back to back will make (but probably break) their season

9. Ottawa

It's really hard to continue to come up with words for how bad this team is. And now enter the Duck.


Stamps fans, be thankful for the Red Black's, without them you would be dead last


He was two feet short, plain and simple. Another blown call.


The ball only need touch the white line… Or do you only hold to that rule when the Riders are not the team with the ball.

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Everybody knows that. The debate is simply whether he got it over the line or not. And not everybody dislikes the Riders.


The ball was two feet short of the goal-line, clearly short.
And your Saskatchewan Roughriders are the New York Yankees of the CFL, which means if somebody official can fabricate a fairytale ending, they will because it makes a better story.


Except the Yankees have the most championships and the riders have the least.

And I agree he didn’t look close.


I was actually born in Moose Jaw but we came back to Hamilton when I was two. So, I don’t hate the team from my birth province. But, I’ve never been too fond of New Yorkers.
To me, the Riders are like the Yankees because of the level of media hype they get. The Yankees are hyped as America’s team. Too often for me, the Roughriders are hyped as Canada’s team.
Since ‘66 I recall, the Riders were described as the team most deserving to win the Cup because they just hadn’t won it yet. Not a good rationale, even the 10-year-old me thought.
In the States, Yankees’ fans think they should win the Series every year simply because they won it nearly every year in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. Again, not much of a rationale.
Winning shouldn’t be predetermined by anybody.

This is the Ticat team board. ie. A safe haven for Ticat fans. If you don’t like what’s being said, then don’t visit.


HE, the ball carrier doe not have to get over the line…that a moot argument… the ball needs to TOUCH the line not even cross it…the ref saw it the ref called it…the cfl has no real good camera angles on goal lines in same stadiums…the ref made the call …additionally if it was not the right call the and camera angles were not good enough to see the off field officials would NOT over-ride the on the field officials… Not tto meant ion the BC lions would have been screaming like banshees in the press…The refs made the call it was what happened get over it

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The ref also called roughing the Kicker on Labour Day when the riders contacted a kicker and he flopped after kicking and taking 3 steps.

The ref called what he saw so I guess it’s right?

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I don’t think I’m the one that needs to get over it. I don’t care.

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Well there is no doubt the Stamps are having a tough season,no arguing with that It was bound to happen after being the model team for the last 15 years or more. Sask. fans should never Mock any CFL team. 4 measly Grey Cups. If the Stamps do miss the playoffs I sure hope it doesn’t last for 10 straight years like the riders did. 1977-87. Unreal to miss the playoffs for that time in a 5 team Western Conference. Unreal

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Yeh I remember that run. That was also when there was no crossover. That was also a period where the Riders would have finished 2nd in the east 4 times in that span and made the playoffs 7 of those 10 years if they were an Eastern team. Unreal how bad the East was in those days, Unreal.


OMG LOL. You are talking a cross over lol. How pathetic. A 5 team division and the loser riders couldn’t make it in for 10 straight years!! Don’t even argue the records of teams like the Stamps against your perennial loser riders. There is NO argument to make what so ever

O.K. Thanks for your input.

Can the fans of other teams take their bickering off the TIGER-CATS message board please?


Last week, we had two Stampeder fans bickering over Bo Levi's future on the TiCat forum.


Don’t fret, with a little hard they will get there. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Please elaborate on how I was bickering about anything.