Week 8 TV: Averages 597,500 Per Game

The weekly average, although involving two games, was down considerably by an overall 162,750 from last week.
On the positive, the CFL won the night in sports with the next closest being the Jays but still our figures were about 150,000 more.

Thurs: Sask-Tor 617,000
Friday: Bc - Edm 578,000

Average: 597,500

578,000? Was that during the first quarter? What was the number for the fourth quarter? Substantially less I'd imagine. :smiley:

These numbers are average viewers over the course of the entire game.
So basically, there are the usual peaks and valleys which are not detailed.

and I'm going to guess BC/Edm had a major league valley starting at about halftime

Sask-Toronto was a pretty horrible game to watch too. those who managed to keep their TVs turned on for the last ten minutes got to see some excitement but the vast majority of the game was a snoozefest.

As bad as both games were from the entertainment perspective, the TV numbers although lower than last week are still decent.
I think we can safely say if the games are at least average to good another 100,000-200,000 viewers stay locked in.
Regardless, the power of the CFL as a valuable TV property cannot be understated.

I agree. It's quite something when we now consider games of half a million in viewership as poor.

I'm failry confident the ratings will pickup even more so. Labour day is almost upon us and we all know that's when the season kicks into high gear. Also, this week there's 2 very compelling games on tv. Last week it was a couple of garbage games with bad teams and no anticipation whatsoever.

Winnipeg-Hamilton, Calgary-Montreal doesn't get better than this.

I watched the sask/toronto game on a flight from vancouver to calgary last week, and every passenger that I could see from my seat, save for one, was watching that game.

So I wonder just how accurate those t.v. rating systems are, when so many people who presumably live in vancouver or calgary were watching an out-of-market game over all the other channels and movies available to them on the plane. It sure seemed like a cfl lovin' crowd to me.

I wanted to yell at the pilot in the late fourth quarter, because every time he banked the plane we lost the signal for a while!

alot of people have pvr's now and ratings dont take into account the pvr watchers.

i know in the usa atleast its like that.. guessing canada is the same.

pvr and online streaming of games = probably and this is just a huge guess...an extra 150 200 000 people.