WEEK 8 OVERALL LEAGUE AVERAGE @27179 (26968 in 05)

After eight weeks the average has remained virtually unchanged for this year and when compared to last.
Some interesting team comparisons after 4 home dates, had Calgary come up with their biggest crowd of the year with a near capacity and no doubt several bus loads came from Saskatchewan. This crowd has topped the best crowd catagory and number four on our list. This has also allowed the Stamps to narrow the gap average wise from last year to nearly 3000 less from 5000 before this weekend.
Conversely, the Lions after a lower then anticipated turnout of below 30,000 are now about 2000 behind 05 average at the same time.
The Peg with their good turnout are still 3000 ahead from last year.


current game(year ave. to date) 05 games (year ave after same time)

Montreal 20,202 (20,202) --- 20,202 (20,202)
Winnipeg 26,521 (26,174) --- 24,326 (23,550)
BC 27,312 (28,470) --- 35,568 (30,251)
Calgary 34,319 (29,955) --- 31,847 (32,932)

LEAGUE AVE. 06/ 31 games 27,179 --- 05/ 33
games 26,968

Edmonton(Cal) 40,491
Edmonton(Win) 37,611
Edmonton(BC)) 35,035
Calgary (Sas) 34,319
Edmonton(Mon) 32,411

Note, excluding Montreal due to continuous sellout and small stadium.

Sask (BC) 21,082
Sask (Cal) 23,107
Winn (Edm) 23,521
Sask (Cal) 23,942
Sask (Tor) 24,967

all due respect to the lions game.....it was a long weekend.

Calgary's average is still hurt by the fact that their first home game was against the Esks, on the same night of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final ... but the 'chuck still does have 4 of the top 5 crowds ... too bad their team is in last place :smiley:

Edmonton’s attendance has fallen every game, so we shall see who the true fans of the Esks are if they keep losing games, and losing at Commonwealth. The attendance for the home game will be up a bit, due to the number of Rider fans in attendance.

....so?....it was a long weekend everywhere else in the country too......