Week 8 injury reports needed

BC Daves back spasms? or printers ?
TO Allen just backup or?
HAM Danny yes or no ??
CAL Reynolds 100% or backup?
WIN Kevin 50% ready or no chance?
SASK MAT ready to go??? Green okay or lost confidence???
OTT O Murphy ready 100 or 60 %
MON new recievers or can they make do??????

Montreal's report:

  • Sylvain Girard should be back
  • Cahoon is obviously gone for awhile
  • The Als will say Lapointe is not ready yet whether he is or not
  • Luckily for us, Crutchfield is still injured
  • I doubt Reggie Durden will be back this week

If Kevin Glenn can keep up his good progression like he did yesterday in pratice, he should be able to start this Saturday agaisnt Hamilton. If not, MICHNA!

Dave's ready to go However Printers will get start.

NOBODY LOOKs for injury info to better pools?????????