WEEK 8 Injury Report

As far as I could tell, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats emerged from that game in Vancouver with little more than the normal bumps & bruises associated with playing football.

The one exception might be Ciante Evans . . . he was injured in the 4thQ versus the Lions, and I seem to recall seeing him jog off the field afterwards, but then I don't think we saw him again after that.
It will be interesting to keep an eye on this, leading up to Thursday's game versus the Alouettes. Last week there was some speculation that Cariel Brooks was ready to return to the active roster; people thought that he might displace Richard Leonard from the starting 12.
But now, if Evans is not healthy enough to put on his shoulder pads & strap on a helmet, then it looks like Desmond Lawrence may suit up at that CB spot.

Did I miss any other injuries in Thursday night's game in Vancouver ??

I know I'm still Butt-Hurt over Condell not getting the playcall in to Dane on 2nd and 10 at mid field with 90 seconds to go in the game trailing by 5 points and causing a loss of down because it was in the final 3 minutes! :rage:
So there is that!


Yeah that made no sense . Whether that was on Condell or Evans , you can't make mistakes like that and expect to win .


Thats on the qb he has to watch the clock


Agreed, but there are 2 spotters in the booth,
They should be making him aware of the clock


Like, the fact that there is one, or should they be counting down in his ear?

QB has to have awareness of the clock. Period.


I always thought he had someone up stairs with him!
Yes, ultimately it is the QB's responsibility to get the play off in time.
I'm still Butt Hurt tho!

Based on the injury report today van zeyl has a hip injury which is good when need him

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Well if our only injury is Grover needing a little bit of Preparation H then I think we got through the BC game relatively unscathed. :smile:


I didn't even make the list!

Durant FULL is great to see.
Saxelid back on the field too.

At this point Simoni is the only injury really hurting us.

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Van zeyl not practicing yesterday isn't good either when need him


True, but at least it looks as if Saxelid could play RT if CVZ is out. Hopefully it's a "Veteran Day" and missing the first day of practice isn't that worrying.

I remember Peter Dyakowski mentioning that when he played here and had a DNP on the first day of the week.

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According to tsn

Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach Orlondo Steinauer said Monday that linebacker Simoni Lawrence and wide receiver Lemar Durant have both been taken off the six-game injured list and are practicing with the team on Monday.

Offensive lineman Chris Van Zeyl did not practice. Colin Kelly was moved to right tackle in his place.


No doubt having saxelid helps if Chris cant play .

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This is great news about Simoni, and we will finally see our Canadian FA signing playing WR/SB. It's looking better on the injury front, all of a sudden.

Another tough week of practice, as usual taking out more of our players than the actual games. Now 10 players "DNP," up from 6 yesterday.

Somewhat concerning to suddenly see three players with the dreaded "Illness." Reminiscent of SSK last week?

Ticats, Als Injury Reports: Simoni Lawrence practices fully on Monday - CFL.ca


Lawrence Woods, Micah Johnson, and Katsantonis did not practice today - listed under illness. Hopefully we don’t have a Covid situation happening.

Saxelid was listed as limited in practice but if he can return it will help ratio wise. If CVZ can’t go then hopefully Durant will start Thursday. Will be interested to see what he can do.

Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings - CFL.ca shows Butler moved back to the P.R. and Hills activated from it:

|2022-07-25|HAM|BUTLER, Emmanuel|WR|A|Northern Arizona|Add To|Free Agent|
|2022-07-25|HAM|BUTLER, Emmanuel|WR|A|Northern Arizona|Delete From Active|Free Agent|
|2022-07-25|HAM|HILLS, Wes|RB|A|Slippery Rock|Add To|Active Roster|
|2022-07-25|HAM|HILLS, Wes|RB|A|Slippery Rock|Remove Signed|Free Agent|

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Is 'Butt Hurt' an upper body or lower body injury? :grin:

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