WEEK 8: Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Ottawa RedBlacks

Time to start this topic . . .
Let’s start with the CFL’s “Game Predictor” on the CFL.ca website . . .

Not surprising to see the overwhelming majority backing the Home team . . . but as we have come to expect from all CFL content on their media platforms, no one proofreads this stuff . . . the Author concludes with the following proclamation . . .

“If you haven’t guessed by now. I’m way more confident taking the visiting team.”
. . . and then he picks, the Ottawa RedBlacks !!
. . . Just Beautiful !!


Likely thinks the game is in Hamilton. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what the Genius Sports stats pack is telling him.

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I wonder if Bralon Addison is ready to come back? He has completed one turn on the 6-game list.

Not only Addison but they have Shaq Evans and Santos Knowx on the 6 game.

I heard one Ottawa report that suggested Addison and Santo-Knox could suit up this week.

I did see the report that Santos-Knox may play

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Ottawa 37 - Hamilton 12

T.Godwin has been doing well.

Makes you wonder who would come off the field if the team decided to re-insert someone like O.Bayless or A.Johnson.

Can’t be T.White. Can’t be Duke. Can’t be McAllister (unless he is moved to a backup who happens to play a lot of downs).

We probably need to keep at least one Canadian in a starting receiver spot.

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word out on twitter from those fans attending practice is that Locksley has been shifted over to WR now that Mitchell is back


YARN | Well, well... Locksley. | Robin Hood: Prince of ...



For this to be effective, he’d have to play some actual downs at WR. Not just come in exactly once as a second QB with the entire defence knowing it will be a pass to him.

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He has jersey #89, so maybe it was the plan coming here.


WR is where he was trying out in the NFL camp he attended.

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Speaking of Canadian receivers - what ever happened to this Smith guy we have?

He has been as quiet as a mouse.

More changes.

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Only 4 catches last game. Maybe he was hurt and didn’t dress?

What constitutes a bust is subject to debate.
But the Fontana move was a Canada Grade-A bust.


For Ottawa who drafted him 7th overall in 2019 and Hamilton…double busted

The way this team deals with moves they will make McAllister a healthy scratch.