Week 7 TV: Averages 760,250 Per Game

The numbers this week are up a whopping 100,000 plus from last week.
With the top viewed game being surprise surprise, Argos at Hamilton.
Even the late Saturday night game in BC drew very well.
All smoked the competition.

Edm - Mon 595,000
Cal - Sask 753,000
Tor - Ham 886,000
Win - BC 807,000

Average: 760,250

That's good news! Thanks AT for the info. :thup:

Good to hear! Those are great numbers.

wish we could get numbers like that here :slight_smile:

What's with the pathetic number for the Edm-Mon game? Is it just the French population in Quebec that follows the Als? :lol:

Likely watching on RDS.
Great numbers, as usual for the CFL :thup:


They never combine the RDS numbers, and the vast majority of those in Quebec watch that feed over TSN.

sask/calgary is usually a huge draw. guess we all knew is wasnt going to be much of a game.

And that's for the Faux Labour Day Classic. Imagine the numbers they'll get on Labour Day for Tor-BC, aka the Toilet Bowl. Well done CFL. :roll: