Week 7 schedule - LOL!

Looking at the week 7 schedule, I have a strong sense that the Argonauts will remain in 1st place in the East Division.
In case you haven’t noticed, they have a bye.


maybe but I cant wait for week 10 so we can put a whoopin on you guys!!

This has not been a good season, quality wise, for the CFL.

Will probably be a battle for first place in the east.
Which team will win their third game of the season?

It'll probably take time for the league to adjust to life after the expansion draft.

Aaaaaannnnndddddd I was right.

Very sad.

The CFL East - Putting the E in Embarrassment.

I can't remember an entire division being this awful before. Will we really have a sub-500 team hosting the East final?

That sound of breaking glass you just heard was the entire roster of the 1981 Hamilton Tiger-Cats simultaneously driving their fists through the screens of their computers. The difference between 1981 and 2014 (at least so far) is that at least one team in the East seemed to have its act together in 1981, so I’d say your point is well taken. Then again, the Ottawa team that won the EDCG that year managed to put a rather large scare into one of the two best professional football teams* I have ever seen in 1981’s Grey Cup.

*The Steel Curtain Pittsburgh Steelers were the other, in case anybody was wondering.

the steelers were in the 81 grey cup???