Week 7 practice update - with the new guys

Louis Butko?
21m21 minutes ago
#Ticats RB Alex Green back out on the practice field working with the backs. He's been on the six game injured list since ahead of the season opener. WR Luke Tasker not participating.

Louis Butko?
12m12 minutes ago
Newly acquired WR Chris Williams (hamstring) appears to be a full participant today as well. Westerman out there too.

Still two QBs on the roster, yesterday GM Eric Tillman said expected to have one signed in the "next day or two." #Ticats #CFL


Drew Edwards?Verified account
3m3 minutes ago
#Ticats HC June Jones says QB Bryant Moniz is on his way back to town and will be No. 3 guy on Sat. #CFL

That makes sense. Tillman probably had him on speed dial. I'm surprised he wasn't kept around on the PR or IL.

Personally, I feel Frankie Moniz would be better.

I was really hopeing that Adams would of been part of the trade.

In today's Spec in Drew Edwards column it quotes JJ as saying that two QB's that we were expecting are headed to the AAF instead. And why not, after all they start up after the Super Bowl and are offering 3 year contracts at $250k USD minimum compare that to the $54k CDN minimum. What would you do? Here is a link to the article https://www.thespec.com/sports-story/8760546-players-choosing-new-league-over-cfl/

practice news:
• after practicing the first two days, receiver Terrence Toliver is sitting out today. He’s still on the field helping out but isn’t in pads. Chris Williams getting a lot of reps with the first unit.
• fellow newcomer Jamaal Westerman also playing more in his second practice with he club.
• still no Luke Tasker.
• Avery Jordan and Kay Okafor still splitting reps at left tackle.

i think his salary is a little rich for a 3rd string option. They must be pleased with Evans.

Something bothers me about Toliver's foot. I don't think it's even close to healing up. I suspect they're keeping him out because the field is scortching again today. Maybe they might have to let it heal up all the way instead of running on it too early and having to sideline him again. The picture of it was ghastly. I don't think that's healing up in 2 or 3 weeks.

June said it was his knee, I believe the one he injured. Just getting some rest so CW can get reps. I think he will play Sat.

Wtf is Tasker's injury? Every day, Jones says he's feeling 100% in his press conference. Then today, he's not sure if he'll play.

In yesterday's presser, I'm pretty sure when Jones used the term "100%" he was using it in the context of day-to-day improvement to describe a night and day difference between how Tasker had felt on two consecutive days, not actually meaning that he was recovered 100% from the injury.

I don't beleive that Evans is better than Adams. This was a mistake by Tillman
that will cost us.

Everybody has opinions on quarterbacks but in the final analysis, it's the coach and GM who know the most about the QB situation . Evans looked good in the pre-season, so compare that to Adam's career so far and it's probably a coin flip . Adams was making larger coin and that could also be a factor .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Adams was #2 for us and he would be getting #2 pay. And he would return to
our team as #2 with the same pay. Still has to be cheaper than Manzeil at #2.

I thought Evans easily out preformed every QB in the preseason, the only one who took any shots deep other than Masoli and his we're big catches not ints. Doesn't mean a ton but if everyone was so high on manziels preseason go back and check out Evans.

Do you happen to have access to a time machine? Because the only way we're getting Adams back (who happens to be starting for the Als this week) is to go back to before we signed Manziel and not do it. But a lot of people, especially our team management an coaches, and including yourself, were convinced at the time that Manziel was the answer to our QB issues. Apparently the coaches became less convinced once he got here.

What was the reason why Tillman didn't pick up Adams when he traded Manzeil.
Adams was rated above Evans on our team. He fitted JJ offence better than Evans.
He had more CFL experience. Win 3 games etc.
So he would be a better backup for Masoli period.

Know what the answer is??
Tillman and Mitchel F#$Ked up.

Sorry I have no faith in Evans to back up Masoli.

He's starting for the Als this week. That tells me that the Als consider him to be their best QB for this week. They knew they wouldn't have time to get Manziel up to speed on their playbook / rewrite the playbook for Manziel for this week, so decided they couldn't let Adams go without putting this week's game at risk.

Sure, would have been nice to get Adams, but no way the Als were letting him go.

Which 1st round pick would you expect Tillman to give up for Adams jr, the 2020 or the 2021?