Week 7 Power Rankings

[ol]- Montreal (last week 1): Didn’t do anything to show they aren’t the no. 1 team in the league.

  • Edmonton (last week 3): Gutsy shootout win against Calgary with Ray looking like the Ray of old slinging it down the field.
  • Hamilton (last week 2): An embarrassing performance from the offense in the first half made the Cats look reminiscent of last year’s edition. Still almost pulled off a comeback win against the Riders.
  • Saskatchewan (last week 5): Much-needed win mitigated by the home team almost blowing a 23-point lead in the second half.
  • Calgary (last week 4): The defense can’t stop the run, and this week, they couldn’t stop the pass either.
  • B.C. (last week 7): Still can’t play more than 30 minutes of consistent football, and the quarterback injury carousel is becoming a concern. Needed a fourth-quarter comeback to pull off a win against the worst team in the league.
  • Winnipeg (last week 6): Running out of quarterbacks to airlift in. Offense still anemic, but the head coach insists the schemes are fine.
  • Toronto (last week 8 ): One of the more spectacular collapses in recent memory.[/ol]

I think hamilton should be 4 and sask 3 ya they almost blew a huge lead but the ti-cat offence was horrible except the third quater riders put up way more yards

I disagree. One loss isn't the be-all and end-all of a team's fortunes. Hamilton dropped down a spot because of the loss, while the Riders moved up one because of the win. Unless the Riders show they're trending upward over multiple games, I wouldn't jump them up two spots in the standings.

  1. Montreal
  2. Edmonton - big win this week.
  3. Calgary - Gutsy performance in Commonwelth
  4. Hamilton - Slipped a little this week. but I will admit I didn't see the Game.
  5. Sask - Still a hard team to figure out , need a veteran QB
  6. BC - need to be more consistent
    7.Toronto - too many dumb penalties I could have put them last but they have a great young Kicker
    8.Winnipeg - well pick something and its bad.
  1. Montreal
  2. Edmonton
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Hamilton
  5. Calgary
  6. BC
  7. Toronto
  8. Winnipeg

Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Hamilton have all beat each other once and lost to each other once so you can really place them anywhere, I put Edmonton 2nd because they beat Montreal, and the Riders 3rd as they beat Hamilton more recently than the Eskimo loss.

I'd Say Dust pretty much nailed it.

Bombers should definately be last. I don't see them winning more than 5 games this year, probably will finish with 3 or 4.

I can't see any team worse than the Argos. Even the Bombers look better. Dull, but better. The Argos just look inept.

Okay, you clowns, here's the way it REALLY goes:

  1. [1] Montreal. Only because there's no ranking higher than #1.
  2. [3] Edmonton. Thrilling win over Calgary in the game of the year so far.
  3. [2] Hamilton. Terrible first half against Saskatchewan.
  4. [5] Saskatchewan. Played a great first half against Hamilton.
  5. [4] Calgary. Led most of the game against Edmonton, but lost in the final seconds.
  6. [6] B.C. Their win, though impressive, was against Toronto.
  7. [7] Winnipeg. Still needs to win some games to move up the rankings.
  8. [8] Toronto. Only because there's no ranking lower than #8.

Just because one team beat another doesn't necessarily mean they should be ranked higher than them. "Edmonton beat Montreal, so they should be ranked #1. But Hamilton beat Edmonton, so they should be ranked #1. But Toronto beat Hamilton, so they should be ranked #1. But Winnipeg beat Toronto, so they should be ranked #1. But Calgary beat Winnipeg, so they should be ranked #1. But Saskatchewan beat Calgary, so they should be ranked #1. But B.C. beat Saskatchewan, so they should be ranked #1." That's not how power rankings work.

Ah, but since a power ranking is merely opinion, there is no right or wrong way to them. And since I finished 4-0 in your VGCC my power rankings are ranked higher than your power rankings in my VGCC Power rankings thus my regular power rankings are worth more... alright you win :wink:

I think its a tough spot between 3rd to 5th Calgary is putting up the yardage yet not winning games so why should they be lower if the power ranking dont work on the Team A beats TeamC but Team C beats team B who Beat team E so team B should be the best!!(I just confused myself) anyway my point is this.

Hamilton-Currently not playing well at QB, Cobb has had great games......against BC. Defence is playing well 10 sacks and 8 int. not league leading but playing solid Defence

Calgary- Putting up tons of yardage burris had over 4oo yrds last game, not winnign games but definatly a force to be reckoned with

Saskatchewan-Qb situation improving although Durants rating is very close to Porters I think Sask is played more consitent this week. Defence is playing great football, although the teams is doing very poor at special teams but at the same time has the same record as the ti-cats.

So please explain how the power rankings work if it isnt who beats who, and it surely doesnt appear to be soley based on stats. Is it a combination of the two or is it pretty willie nilly because in my opinion if its a combination the calgary should be 3rd

RidersNeverDie's power rankings

1.Montreal- No brainer we all know why they are number 1
2.Edmonton-most imporved from the beginning of the season
3.Calgary- Tough team even though the record doesnt show it
4.Sask- getting done in everyway except the 3rd quarter
5.Hamilton- most improved from last season but Porter struggled against ssk. except the third quarter
6.B.C.-Better than the rest of the east but not by much
7.Toronto- only because Winnipeg is worse
8.Winnipeg- Bishop