WEEK 7 OVERALL LEAGUE AVERAGE @27192 (26950 in 05)

After seven weeks the league average has gone up again, by nearly 100 and still ahead of last year at the same time.
However, there is an interesting trend as every team is down from the same time last year, save and except Winnipeg and Montreal.
Edmonton after a poor crowd this week is down about 1500, ditto for Hamilto, while the Argos are averaging about 600 less. Saskatchewan is hard to figue out, after four dates the loss is nearly 1000.
As for the best and worst, Edmonton is the top dog while Sask is this years Ottawa’s version of the weakest link.


current game(year ave. to date) 05 games (year ave after same time) 3-4 HOME DATES

Hamilton 27,027 (27,294) 3 HD 28,822 (28,515)
Edmonton 32,411 (36,387) 4 HD 38,927
Toronto 28,356 (27,450) 3 HD 27,214
Sask 23,107 (23,275) 4 HD 24,899

League Ave.06/ 27 games 27,192 05/ 29
games 26,950

Top 5 Crowds:
Edmonton(Cal) 40,491
Edmonton(Win) 37,611
Edmonton(BC)) 35,035
Edmonton(Mon) 32,411
Calgary (BC) 31,210

Worst 5 Crowds:
Note, excluding Montreal due to continuous sellout and small stadium.

Sask (BC) 21,082
Sask (Cal) 23,107
Winn (Edm) 23,521
Sask (Cal) 23,942
Sask (Tor) 24,967

If you look at the averages , 3 of the 4 teams that played at home have averages that are down by about 1000 or more. Toronto's numbers are down about 600, so problems must exist there as well. The Riders would have to sell out every game for them to average 28 thou per game, and it just not going to happen in June, July or August. Edmonton had 37 611 for their home date with Winnipeg and then it dropped by 5 200 to 32 411 for their next game. If the Esks drop another one in BC next week that could drop their numbers even further. If the Riders go on a winning streak , you might see higher numbers for their next home game. Its like I said the last time, numbers can be intrepted any way you wish, I said it last week and I will say it again, ticket sales are very important, but to survive in today's marketplace, sideline ads, concessions, and in the Riders case-- Touchdown Lottery sales and the $250-a-plate dinner are also important fundraisers for the club as well.

edm only played in sask for preseason. i was at that game and the crowd was 25000+!!
you might want to check your sources argotom.

The BC game is the 21,000+ attendance.....

i've stated this before, and yes i'm making excuses for my team/province. but after last year with the whole trevis smith bombshell, fans started to show their disapproval of barret and the shive. alot of previous season ticket holders didn't renew their tickets. this sucks but it's a good way to send a message that they don't want them there anymore.

Giver, we are not counting pre season games this is regular season only.
By enlarge, the various teams give away many seats to their season ticket holders during the pre season and this will not give you a true picture of tickets sold.

Well tom, I cant trust your numbers since the Eskimos and Riders have not met in the regular season this year yet. It was pre-season game and the attendance figures are higher than what you have them at, I would check your figures again.

PS-the numbers are correct tom, but the game you have down as Edmonton is actually the BC game.

First off, I gotta say that im not too disappointed in our numbers, its still very early, and frankly 23000 fans in Regina are as loud, possibly louder than any other crowd out there anyways so i still have a great time

But in regards to your post, this is in fact a terrible way to show your disapproval of this team, we dont have an owner with deep pockets that can take losses.

Ottawa wasnt happy with their regime, so they stayed away, why dont you ask them how that worked out for them.

hey im not fond of barrett or the shive but i still got my season tickets so don't preach to me!

and yes it sucks that they're deciding to do it that way, but it still hits the point home better than bitching to the leader post!

don't compare us to ottawa!
it's completely different.

fans in ottawa were protesting their ownership not their management.

if you hate your owners it’s hard to support your team. this is not the case in sask. we only have problems with our managemnt/HC. get ride of them and the fans will come back!

Scrubs, the postings and the numbers speak for itself.
It's a natural comparison into determining the success or failure into the teams ledger at year end.
Surely there should be a connection between a team that is winning and the attendance. So far, the fans of Regina have the same numbers the last two years and I would venture to say this years team is or potentially much better then last. So, why have not the fans turned out in greater number thus far?
Is it like the state of Missouri, so aptly named the show me state.

Last year we started out 3-1 including 2-0 at home. this got the fans very excited very early in the year. This year we have layed eggs in 3 games already including 2 at home, these do have an effect on the numbers no doubt.
I still dont think were in that tough or these numbers are that big of a deal at this stage, if we are still at this average in october i will wholeheartedly agree with you

As for you giver, im not trying to preach to you, and I realize we are much different than ottawa it was a generalization of the idea i was trying to get across. But frankly im getting tired of defending people in this province because there are jsut far too many people that find some reason not to go and then consider themselves diehards. If the reason is finanacial, travel or time, i have no problem. But there are people who are staying away right now because they dont like the regime, and the second we make a switch there excuse will be "we'll wait and see how this goes first" and im just growing tired of it.

each week this so called poster makes up this topic which is some what senseless :roll: IMO the finally avarage in the end that really count :wink: the only reason he/she puts this topic on every week is to bash the RIDER NATION :roll: he/she has to much time on his/her hands and hates us. :o i dont know want he has against the RIDER NATION because we are the lowest on the list on averages, but we show up with an average of over 80% which is great in my books EVERY year.

Each week he/she does this because he/she loves the CFL like most of us here. To show how the league is hopefully continuing on the upward curve and not to bash anyone.
The numbers do not lie green person or is that he or she, you so called poster which under normal circumstance and you ignorant tone would not deserve my time or effort in providing a meaningful respose.

I agree with BGM to a degree it is a subtle form of Rider-bashing. Other teams attendances are down as well, so why not chastise them as well? Edmonton had a drop of 5200 fans in one week after they lost to the Bombers, that many decided not to go the Alouette game. I wonder if that number will go down again if they lose in BC this week. Even Hamilton and Toronto's numbers are down from a year ago, and that with all of Hamilton's off season moves and Ricky coming to Toronto? I will turn it around on you, what does it take to get fans to turn out in Hamilton and Toronto? I wonder if Terrell Owens will consider Toronto if he wears out his welcome in Big D... :slight_smile:

True, six teams(except Winnipeg & Mon) are down in attendance and collectively this is not good.
I am sure there are many reasons that each city has and that's all fine, but at the end of the day it will affect the bottom line of that team at year end.
As for the Riders, although their numbers are almost identical to last year, when you are last in attendance(not counting Montreal because of stadium and continuous sellouts) we from out of province would appreciate those living in Regina if they could provide the reasoning. Similarly, same applies for other cities as well.
In any event, the team appears stronger and hopefully the numbers will increase dramatically. Who knows maybe the RR will host that elusive playoff game after how many years?

All of the teams are down in avergae attendance.

The only reason the overall average is higher is because of no more Renegades.

Toronto not all, Winnipeg is up nearly 3000 and Montreal remains the same with the continuous sellout at the stadium.
Of course, the average is higher because of the Gades situation and that is even more reason for the league to flourish this year if the current six teams can reach last years figures.

All teams' attendance figures will rebound/ increase after labour day, as they usually do. And I wouldn't look to much into attendance #'s early on in the season, but whatever.

.....true enough, there are lots of folk out at the cabin or on trips here or there....post LD attendance picks up the average.....