Week 7 @Calgary.... My first CFL game

I am going to my first ever live CFL game in Calgary on August 9th. I can't think of a better game to go to, to see a great rivalry (except maybe to see it at Mosaic stadium) but I digress...

My girlfriend is from Saskatchewan and we want to go and sit with the visiting rider fans.

We will be driving in to Calgary from the west so we can't really get on a booster tour bus, so that idea is out.
Can anyone give me some good recommendations on how to get a pair of tickets and be surrounded by, or very close to, large groups of rider fans?

Thanks for any help and looking forward to wearing green and getting a bit nutty on a Friday night :rockin:

The four corners of McMahon are usually filled with Rider fans. I have went to 4 in Calgary, and just purchased online and am always in a sea of green.

Phone McMahon stadium first and ask. They know where all the tour buses will be located and where Rider fans tend to sit.

Thanks guys
Sometimes common sense only seems like it makes sense when someone else tells you :wink:

I'll phone McMahon tomorrow


No worries. Paint yourselves up, and have a blast. Make sure they allow watermelons when you phone, I heard BC stadium does not let Rider fans bring them in??? Make sure you post back here afterwards and let us know how it turned out.

That's awesome, have a blast - Go Riders!

I've never seen or heard of BC Place not allowing watermelons on heads. As long as the watermelon is hollow and on your head. You can't bring in watermelon to eat (concession/food) or to carry around (garbage/projectile). You have to wear it.

You will not regret it. It is a great experience. I was at the 2010 West Final. It was 17-below and I still had a great time. Like someone said above, the corner sections will be all green. And even so, as long as you don't provoke anyone, you should have no problems at all. I even rode the C-train packed with both team colors after the game and no problems between fans whatsoever.

Bring along or obtain a seat cushion, or even a small folded blanket (if the weather is dry). Not the most comfortable bench seat in those corner sections, but the sight lines of the field will be top notch.

Wow, Go full-on Melon Head for my first game? :o I'll have to give that some serious consideration. 8)

I'm 41 BTW so this game has been a long time coming. I'm a 4-time escapee from the Toronto area so no wonder why I never went to a game. The idea of going to an Argo game is pretty dull and not very exciting.

Enjoy it, I am 56 , live here all my life and going to see my first game sept 14 in regina, and go figure, Toronto's in town, can't wait, bein along time coming for me!!

I used to go to many games - can't afford it much anymore, unfortunately. :cry: Nothing beats the game-day experience up close and personal. You'll have a blast!

Next question
Any other do's and dont' s recommendations for the Watermelon helmets?
I`d like to make mine the day before...
How long do they last before they deteriorate beyond feasable use/wear?
When do they start to stink? or do they?

While I have never actually worn one, I belive it is generally good to make them the day before, try to dry it out a bit.

I haven't made one, nor will I ever (as I think they're a little on the entirely ridiculous and over-the-top side, personally), but I know of people who swear by making them a few days ahead of time, and when they've dried mostly, they have varnished them to make them last longer. Whether or not it actually works, I have no idea. I can't see it being even remotely comfortable or appealing either way.

Thanks again for the advice.

JM, Nothing is over the top. Rider fans are renowned for being rediculous and over the top! Thats why they get props in my book. Being from Toronto I am used to seeing the most boring sports fans in North America (except for TFC), I am looking forward to seeing as many Melon-heads as possible. I just bought my tickets! FKNA! get in your cars, busses, and tractors and come to Calgary and sell this game out. I`m looking forward to meeting many more of your excellent species and using this as a motivator to drive further for my second game and make it over to Regina. :smiley:

Hey man enjoy your first ever game! I have been to like 5 or 6 games in my life all at Mozaik and I will tell you that there is nothing quite like it! McMahon won't be quite as electric but it might be a nice transition! Go to a place where 50% of people are Rider fans, then for your next try go to a place where 98% are Rider fans and they are all loud crazy and passionate about there team! Work your way up to that lol.

My only recommendation's are, make sure you aren't doing anything that will involve using your voice to much the day after I assume you will be yelling your heart out for the riders :stuck_out_tongue: , and take something to sit on or you will end up with your ass in a coma!


Love that you are going Melon Head first game, never done it myself cause I don't like watermelon and I don't wanna waste!

I honestly don't think you could have picked a better game to see for your first, Ptr. There has always been a strong rivalry between the Stamps and the Riders and the way both teams are playing so far this year, it could be one of the best of the year. Here's hoping.

Sorry to hear you gave up on the Argos. I was so happy to see them win the Cup last year. Scott Milanovich is a helluva of a coach and Rickie Ray is still an outstanding QB. The teams having their struggles this year, but I would not be at all surprised to see them come out top in the East again this year. It always makes me feel so bad for the team when I see all those empty seats at home. It must make it all that much harder to visit some of our Western teams and see full stands game after game. The Argos deserve better fans. IMHO.

Hey, SR.........better late than never. It is an experience you won't regret and hopefully will lead to your attending many more games. Once you feel the energy in that stadium..........man it's like an adrenalin rush. Best be prepared for ringing ears the day afterward. LOL!

Shave your head and tattoo watermelon patterns on it. heh, that would drive EZ nuts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am also 41 but I have been to at least 1 game in every city except Ottawa. In fact I was at 2 games in Toronto last year and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, of course I went with old friends but also met many new ones. Tailgates before and pub after does wonders for that. :wink: