Week 6: Week of the Upsets

Holy crap! My pick'em went to hell fast this week... I'm 5-6 right now...

Houston beat Cincy... :expressionless: What happened to the team that beat Pittsburgh IN PITTSBURGH, and beat Baltimore IN BALTIMORE???
Kansas City beat Washington... though I guess that one isn't that big of an upset considering the Redskins are falling apart at the seams right now...
Oakland beat Philly... COME ON!!! When you're playing against JaMarcus Russell, how the hell do you not win? :? :expressionless:

Terrible, terrible week...

It's looking like the Bills might upset the Jets. God help me if that happens... :?

I had KC and Houston!

I thought about taking KC, but decided not to at the least second... :? I don't know why... I picked Detroit to beat Washington, and got it right... Gonna have to put this weekend behind me and focus on next weekend.

How bout them Patriots?! :o :o :o

An absolute bloodbath.

Or what about the Giants and Saints? Clash of the Titans...the Saints are FOR REAL. Super Bowl bound.

Saints vs Patriots Super Bowl?

weird stat of the week. The Redskins have played all 6 games against teams without a win and are only 2-4. That's sad.

How 'bout them Patriots... still running up the score. :roll: I'm sorry, but if you go into halftime with a 45-0 lead, why the hell would you continue to use your starters? The game is over. I can't think of a single time when a team has overcome a 45-point deficit... in the NFL or the CFL! It was a 7-possession game. That's how many possessions a team gets in an entire game.

That is kind of sad... that team is in a bad place right now... :?