Week 6 Unofficial Power Rankings

There isn't much "flow" to this season. A ton of 2/3 win teams and nobody stringing meaningful convincing wins (outside of Winnipeg) together. 2 through 8 are really a crapshoot.


And it isn't even close. The champs are rolling, and they've just disposed of Saskatchewan easily for the second week in a row.


It wasn't pretty, but neither are teams 2-8 in these rankings. The reality is their 3 wins stack up against everybody not named Winnipeg. I'm not convinced they're the second best team in the league but right now, they might be.


Losing to Winnipeg isn't something to be embarrassed about, but losing Cody Fajardo to injury and mounting injuries to others makes me wonder if they were the beneficiary of a softer home schedule to start the season.


Big road win, Bo back at the helm. He didn't look up to his normal standards but he's earned the benefit of the doubt. They've lost 4 games but by a total of only 23 points. They're not as bad as their record shows and I'd consider them a dark horse in the West at this point.


I have to be consistent. I can't reward back to back wins against Ottawa as something to write home about. They're in the 2/3 win mix.


Trevor Harris is so inconsistent. Came up huge on Labour Day and fell flat at home in the rematch.


Their 2 wins aren't incredible, but they haven't had the Ottawa FREE Bingo space either. QB injuries aside this team can't protect anybody. A competent Kicker might have sent the game to OT, but these were the games Hamilton won in 2019... Not yet in 2021.


They've beat Ottawa and Edmonton, I'm not convinced they're very good. Need to see more.


Really shocked Dom Davis didn't make a difference. (Insert sarcasm emoji)

Marcel Desjardins said to those betting against their 3.5 wins in Vegas.

"You’re free to put your money down so you can lose it — we’ll prove you wrong,”

Well they have work to do.

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I agree with most of it, but no way Toronto is above BC.

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Ottawa made BC and Reilly looked great, just like the week before when Ottawa made Vernon Adams look great.
I would put the Argos ahead of BC, they played a tougher opponent in the past 2 games.

You may be right based on the eye test… but…

Toronto’s wins

BCs wins
Ottawa X2

Stop noticing things and stop kicking HAM when they’re down.

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But Ottawa’s D is actually somewhat competent. It’s their O that’s horrendous. My point is that it’s not the whole team holding them back.

Their D has been flat out awful the last two weeks.

27 and 35 first half points given up.

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But before that they showed up a lot more than the O.

Agreed…the first few weeks they looked like they would keep them in games. Now they’re a train wreck top to bottom.

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It's funny that 7 of the 9 teams are all clustered together within 3 points of each other: either 2 or 3 wins. Other than WPG and OTT at the extremes, it will still take some time to find out where everyone stack up.

I just noticed that poor MTL has already used up both bye weeks after just four games. They could be looking at 13 weeks in a row with no break (if they go all the way to the Cup).

How do schedule makers come up with this. One bye week in first seven games for each team, and one during the second seven. Seems pretty straightforward to do doesn’t it?