Week 6 TV: Averages 657,000 Per Game

The TV numbers for last week are in and we are starting to increase slowly and although down slightly from last year by about 100,000 per game.

Thurs: Mon - Tor 495,000
Friday: Edm - Win 631,000
Sask - BC 875,000
Satur: Ham - Cal 627,000

Average: 657,000

Wow. Lions - Riders had close to a 30% larger audience than the next game? For a game featuring two teams with one win between them??

That's impressive!

Ouch, 15% drop... that's not good at all.

Have to consider French audience not included when looking at Tor - Mtl numbers.

Yes very true, that will be around 200,000, bu the numbers this year and compared to last is the same TSN only and not RDS for the Als.

The numbers have always been separated, this isn't new as far as im concerned.

Hopefully something happens to spark interest in Canada's 3 big cities because they are losing momentum. Montreal without a sellout? What?