Week 6 TSN Power Rankings

[1] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 1)

[2] B.C. (Last Week: 3)

[3] Calgary (Last Week: 2)

[T-4] Toronto (Last Week: T-5)

[T-4] Montreal (Last Week: 4)

[6] Edmonton (Last Week: T-5)

[7] Winnipeg (Last Week: 8)

[8] Hamilton (Last Week: 7)

1 sask
2 cal
3a bc
3b montreal
5 toronto
6 edmonton
7 winnipeg
8 hamilton

I'd rank em:

  1. Sask
  2. Calgary - ranked above BC because they beat BC
  3. BC
  4. Edmonton
  5. Montreal
  6. Toronto
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Hamilton

I think Montreal has looked the best of the East teams so far, as they've had a chance to win every game they've played. Edmonton has the better record and beat Toronto fairly handily in 1 of the 2 games they've played so I give them they edge over any east team.

Don't see how Toronto can lose their game, while the Esks win; yet the leap frog the esks.

Agreed. Until an Eastern team has at least a winning record or, even better, a winning record against the West, Edmonton should be no worse than fourth.

That being said, it will all shake out playoff time. Six or seven wins in the West will likely be enough to sneak in the crossover.

TSN is in love with Toronto, they might as well call it the Toronto Sports Network. The Laffs and Argos will always get more coverage and benefits than any team.

I have no idea what the formula is they use to come up with this ranking, but I agree with it I guess.

I might actually put BC at the top, depending on how the Sask injuries shake out.

No bias there.

He might be right, although it would be Calgary on top, not BC.

[b]Ok People the power rankings are out.

Injuries or no injuries, and as much as I hate to say this, the hillbillies deserve to be right where they are #1. By hook or by crook, if you are undefeated and I do not care how you got there and nobody else is... you are number one... for now.

As for those of you who say Calgary over BC, because Calgary beat them.... WAKE UP! its power rankings, as in who is playing well right now. It might be a toss up between Calgary and BC, but right now, BC is hotter then Calgary.

As for the rest, its a pick em. But honestly, because we all know that TSN, should listen to me... should we not hold off ranking the teams until at least the halfway mark??


...power rankings are stupid, but the poster above should just knock off everything in his name from the second r on...not only did Calgary beat BC but all BC's wins to date are against below .500 teams...

BC is on a 3 game winning streak, Calgary lost their last game. Who did they lose to? The only winless team in the league that BC beat the previous two games.

BC deserves second spot, Calgary doesn't.

…wrong…we beat you…heehee…

...hey, you aren't blowing your own horn are you?!?!...you know deb and swervin are dead set against that, you better watch out...

Now now RedandWhite, I don't think you want to play the 'we beat you' card or 'we are better than you'. That's a game you won't enjoy playing :cry:

Yes, you beat us in the first game of the season, your first win against us since god knows when. What are the trends since then? Lions started 0-2 and have won 3 straight. Yes, we beat the Bombers who were previously winless but if we're weak for beating them, I'm not sure what you guys are for losing to them.

Can't wait till we play you at BC Place. We'll see if you'll still be playing the 'we beat you' card. When one win is all you have to show for how many years against the Lions...

I'm just finally glad we have a rivalry with the Stamps again. Been far too one sided recently...

...recently, but not over forty games right?....right?....stats can help or hurt you RLR....and yes, rivalry is on...and we will win in BCP, your team is shaky...oops, gotta go, seeing b-man tonight...buh bye....

Let's wager on the game at BC Place. You name a price, I'll put whatever down on my Lions to continue the ownage of the Stamps.

Just like I did against the Als. Everyone predicted Montreal to win but nobody would put their money where the mouths were.

Come on, a friendly bet. $50?

And by the way, I'd venture to say your team is shaky. Looked god awful against the previously winless Bombers. I'll take 3 straight wins anyday of the week. Good luck with whomever you're seeing. Is B-Man Barrin Miles?

We have beaten all of you - I wanna take my ball and go home now!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Riders Grey Cup Champs

Why not......You guys took the cup home with you!