Week 6 Ratings

Good Results read some of the comments regarding the Friday night game.
Real Madrid scores for GolTV
It was a big night, at least by GolTV standards.

Last Friday's fun kick-around between Real Madrid and Toronto FC drew 90,000 viewers, which would be considered a miserable failure for most Canadian channels. But since the game was on a tiny digital channel named GolTV, this was a blockbuster.

The game produced the channel's largest ratings, thanks mainly to a distribution deal that put it on free preview and even made the game available to those with old-fashioned analog channels.

Does it prove that soccer is a big-time sport here? Not really, though that's not really in dispute since World Cup ratings have already done that.

Does it put GolTV on the map? Yes, at least for now. But now that it has soccer fans' attention, the new MLSE property will have to follow up with some solid programming. Some World Cup games and maybe even an EPL match or two wouldn't hurt.

By the way, if you not that ratings for Friday's Argos-Alouettes game look a little low, consider this: Almost 300,000 watched the game on French-language RDS. I'm told many of those are anglophones who've got themselves in the habit of watching football en francais.

Here are the most-watched weekend sports events in English Canada, according to BBM Nielsen Media Research overnight ratings:

  1. Football, Roughriders at Lions, Friday, TSN: 425,000

  2. Football, Blue Bombers at Stampeders, Saturday, TSN: 367,000

  3. Football, Eskimos at Tiger-Cats, Saturday, TSN: 354,000

  4. Football, Argos at Alouettes, Friday, TSN: 281,000

  5. Baseball, Orioles at Blue Jays, Sunday, Sportsnet: 258,000

  6. Baseball, Orioles at Blue Jays, Saturday, Sportsnet: 234,000

  7. Baseball, Orioles at Blue Jays, Friday, Sportsnet: 223,000*

  8. Auto racing, NASCAR Sprint Cup (rainout), Sunday, TSN: 144,000

  9. Football, Bills vs. Titans, Sunday, TSN: 135,000**

  10. Baseball, Red Sox at Yankees, Saturday, Sportsnet: 126,000

  • Pacific and Ontario channels only

Yikes. I know the CFL is still leading, but those numbers don't look that great. Especially the numbers for the Argos/Als game. And how does Hamilton/B.C. get over 500,000 viewers, but Hamilton/Edmonton barely gets 350,000? Wasn't the CFL regularly getting over 400,000 viewers a game last season? It seems like the numbers are dropping a bit.

You may not be counting the french television in Quebec ?

The Argo's Als game easily tops the charts if they put the RDS/TSN numbers together. It would be well over 500,000.

A sweep is still a sweep...

Close to 600,000 viewers watching the Als and Argos is fantastic.
The top FOUR is nothing to sneeze at especially in the summer when the week in question is probably number one for summer vacationers.
As for 90,000 on goltv, this number is nothing more than a joke regardless of how small it is. It's free TV anyway you look at it and way below infomercial figures.

Yeah, I didn't read the full post; I just looked at the figures. With RDS, it's almost 600,000. That's pretty good. But the 2nd and 3rd games still look a little low to me.

Just out of curiosity, does RDS broadcast all the CFL games, or just the Als games?

We are still well positioned to reach the magical 400,000 per game average.

Seems like lots of folks missed that fantastic Esks/Ti-Cats game. Still decent numbers though.

With the BC /Ham game I wonder if they count the Locals who watch the Game on TSNHD which for some reason they can’t black-out maybe due to it being the National feed for TSN.