Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. Calgary - Special teams & turnovers won the day but a win is a win and the Stamps are the last of the undefeated.
  2. Edmonton - Probably deserved a better fate, deserve to hang on to #2.
  3. Winnipeg - Complete prairie sweep of top 3
  4. Saskatchewan - Complete prairie sweep of top 4
  5. B.C. - East is Least & West is Best
  6. Ottawa - Best of a bad lot
  7. Hamilton - Someone had to be next
  8. Toronto - Beat up and bruised
  9. Montreal - Only good news is they had the bye this week

Shuffle 5,6,7 and you might potentially have a job with CFL.CA

I would put the east at


The Als beat a western team, and they haven’t played anyone from the East Division yet. 8)

I would still put BC ahead of Sask... based on head to head record

What!! This can't be happening in Riderville. Honestly I think the Riders are still one of the better teams in the west first few weeks they have had to do some adjustments , are they as good as they have been the last couple of years , no, but they are still a team to reckon with I still think that the road to the Grey cup will have to go through the Riders one way or another.

I think that BC and Saskatchewan are 2 very close teams.
Offense - Sask has good running game but passing has not found groove yet - BC has no Lulay = Tie
Defence - Sask has good Dline, BC has awesome LB core, and secondary is close = Tie
Special Teams - right now I give edge to BC on ST...
Each team has strengths in different positions, so match up very close

So up to week 6 based on the premise of what have you done for me up to this point, and based on the season series so far, I would give a slight advantage to BC

  1. CGY
  2. EDM
  3. WPG
  4. BC
  5. SSK
  6. HAM
  7. OTT
  8. TOR
  9. MTL
  1. Calgary
  2. Edmonton
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Sask
  5. BC
  6. Hamilton
  7. Ottawa
  8. Toronto
  9. Montreal

Based on the game last night Ottawa and Hamilton would have to change places in the rankings. Unless they are saying that Ottawa is still the better team and if they hadn't made a coaching error Ottawa would have come back and won on the road?


Turkeybend PowerRankings based on this past weekend results are:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Beat the top ranked qb in the league easily. A whupping. Simply stated, the Riders are a very good football team and will get better as familiarity increases. Opponents will be wary when the Green and White appear as the next opponent on the schedule.
  2. Calgary Stampeders- quarterback has not really proven himself yet the Stamps have kept winning. Must give credit to their team.
  3. Edmonton Eskimos- overachieving early in the season but battling hard.
  4. Winterpeg B lue bombers- a most impressive win on the road in la la land. Mr. O’Shea deserves the key to the city!
  5. Toronto Argos- humiliated by the Riders but will rebound.
  6. Hamilton nomads- looked impressive against the Redblacks but will get killed by western teams.
  7. Ottawa Red blacks- Henry keeps them competitive but for how long.
  8. Montreal Alouettes- something is amiss in la belle province. Need an overhaul but too late this season.
  9. B.C. Pussycats- deserve to be placed last after that horrible performance at home on Geroy’s day. Lulay cannot come back soon enough. How they do not give or get the ball to Harris in the 2nd half more often is one of the greatest mysteries in history??? Poor coaching, playing and leadership. Trouble brewing on the West coast. Fans will not support a loser in B.C. Move the franchise to Red Deer or Saskatoon!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

This is all opinion based, and you know what they say about opinions, there like assholes, everyone has one :cowboy:

That's your opinion! :lol:


Hamilton didn't get killed by the western teams (except the Riders). They lost by 4 against the Eskimos and by 3 against the Stampeders. With any luck they could have won both those games would have a record of 3-1.

he doesn't have a clue, he's got Regina first :roll: this is the same guy that said the Regina would win 18 games, LMAO :lol:


I was clueless last year too I suppose picking the Riders to win the Grey Cup! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Riders Rule :wink: :rockin:

After Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, I'd say it's almost impossible to get a consensus on 4-9. The first 5 weeks have been pretty unpredictable.

I call a hole in one every drive off a par three so I can say I called it.

For what it's worth, from my power ranking spreadsheet, based on previous weeks ranking values, game scores, and home game advantage:

Calgary (1.145)
Edmonton (0.940)
Winnipeg (0.707)
Hamilton (0.448)
Ottawa (0.336)
Saskatchewan (0.333)
BC (0.284)
Toronto (0.260)
Montreal (0.158)

Calgary and Edmonton still at the top, but switched based on this week's win in the head-to-head match. Winnipeg still alone in third, but Hamilton pulling away from the pack with their win against Ottawa (and their two near-misses against the top two teams). Saskatchewan joins Ottawa at the head of the pack with their win against Toronto, who trails BC at the back of the pack. And then Montreal in back of everyone in their struggle to find a replacement for Calvillo - and to develop a new playbook that doesn't depend on Calvillo.

Finally ! someone who makes sense, :rockin: