Week 6 Power Rankings

[ol]- Montreal (last week 1): Pummeling an inept Argo squad isn’t the best measure of excellence, but a shutout win still gives the Als the best record in the league.

  • Hamilton (last week 4): Playing the kind of gritty football that bodes well for the playoffs. Learning how to win close games is just what this team is doing. Greg Marshall has these DBs ball-hawking with the best of ‘em.
  • Edmonton (last week 2): Need more red-zone production and fewer picks.
  • Calgary (last week 3): From almost blowing a lead in the dying seconds of the game to the offense sputtering in the second half, the Stamps continue to have problems putting together 60-minute efforts. Penalties also starting to become a worrisome trend.
  • Saskatchewan (last week 5): The offense is inconsistent no matter who’s behind center, the run D has suddenly gone south, and the secondary’s cover abilities are questionable.
  • Winnipeg (last week 7): Bishop makes this team less painful to watch, but until Mike Kelly gets the passing game straightened out, shutting down Fred Reid is still the key to stopping the Bombers’ offense.
  • B.C. (last week 8 ): A win gets them out of the basement, but 3 turnovers on their first three drives and a rash of avoidable penalties suggest this team still has lots of room to improve.
  • Toronto (last week 6): Did anyone think any offense could match the LeFors-led Bombers in total futility? Without an O-line, a receiving corps, a return game, or an experienced CFL head coach, the Boatmen are regressing massively.[/ol]

Looks good to me!, although BC did win convincingly!

I think we all knew Hamilton was going to do better but did anybody think they'd be doing this well? I'm happy for them, but am a bit surprised.

In general, I'd say both teams played a sloppy game, but the Lions did enough to win and got offensive production when they needed it. Also, I don't think the Riders are an especially good team this season, so while they didn't lose ground by losing to B.C., the Lions didn't make up much ground by beating Sask. Hence the move up by one.

Until the Lions show they can cut down on the turnovers, botched execution, and penalties, they're still in the bottom third of the league in my book.

  1. [1] Montreal. Still the best.
  2. [3] Hamilton. Second best record, won 4 of last 5, only team on a "winning streak."
  3. [2] Edmonton. Game against Hamilton came right down to the wire.
  4. [4] Calgary. They barely beat Winnipeg, but are one of only 3 teams who have scored more than they allowed.
  5. [5] Saskatchewan. Couldn't beat B.C., the crappy team that supposedly made Hamilton look good.
  6. [6] B.C. Getting better, but need to show more before moving up in the rankings.
  7. [8] Winnipeg. Better with Bishop, but still not good enough.
  8. [7] Toronto. There's no shame in losing to Montreal; there is shame in being shut out.

Maybe B.C. isn't that bad. Sometimes you just don't match up well against a certain team, regardless of how you play against others. They couldn't stop Cobb and they played Hamilton twice early, and maybe they would've won those two games against another team. I wouldn't count B.C. out, not by a long shot.

I think the same is true of the Stamps and the Bombers. I’m sure Hufnagel is glad they don’t have to play the Bombers again this season.

I’m not going to move B.C. up my rankings until they win some more games. I’m glad the Ticats played them twice early, because I know they’ll turn it around eventually. The win against the Riders may have been the start, but it’s not quite enough to move up in my rankings.

My reference to B.C. as “the crappy team that supposedly made Hamilton look good” had to do with a discussion I had with someone who insisted that the only reason Hamilton had a winning record was that they played B.C. twice. It was kind of a dig at the fact that that person’s team lost to the Lions this week.

Well you can start mending fences by 'thanking' us for all the gifts from British Columbia in your line-up: Markeith Knowlton, Jamall Johnson, Matt Kirk....even Otis Floyd has played inspired football. :wink:

Did you really have to steal our #1 pick in the 2009 draft too (receiver Matt Carter)? :?

Well 1 and 2 are pretty well sorted out, after that it's a blender of teams.

  1. Montreal - They haven't looked quite as sharp offensively but still the class of the league right now.
  2. Hamilton - Really starting to shape us as a good team, I think Marcel has found his calling as a HC.
  3. Edmonton - Only team to knock off Montreal and they were no slouches against the Cats.
  4. Calgary - Slowly shaping up after a bad start
  5. Saskatchewan - Reverted back to being an awful 2nd half team, they'll miss the playoffs if they don't fix that.
  6. BC - Out of the basement with the win, although they did their damnedest to give it away.
  7. Toronto - I think Bart's lack of CFL experience along with a lack of offensive talent is hurting them, they will improve.
  8. Winnipeg - Could really swap Winnipeg with the 6 & 7 teams, they've actually looked like a football team with Micheal Bishop at the helm, but they still resemble a bad team.
  1. Montreal - 5-1, enough said.
  2. Hamilton - pulling out the close games, something last years team couldnt do, and i'm loving it so far!!!!
  3. Edmonton - with some better redzone execution they'd probably be number 2 right now
  4. Calgary - what the hell happened in the second half? Defence came out as if the game was over, that prevents them from being in the top 3 right now
  5. Saskatchewan - Needs to show some consistency, one week they look good, the next they look bad.
  6. B.C. - I couldnt believe my eyes when Jackson threw the INT at the goaline, thought it was going to be another loss for B.C, but a wild special teams play turned the game around
    7./8. - Winnipeg and Toronto, i think either one could be number 8 right now, if Fred Reid hadn't of carried the team on his back in the second half, the Bombers would have scored no more than 10 points, Michael Bishop is not the answer. As for toronto, being shutout says enough, i think these two teams will be battling it out for worst in the league this year and neither will make the playoffs