Week 6 Picks

Toronto 21 @ Montreal 23
Ottawa 14 @ Saskatchewan 33
Calgary 17 @ BC 27
Hamilton 13 @ Edmonton 30
Winnipeg 27 @ Toronto 21

What are your picks ?

I think your Ott-Ssk score is a little too lopsided. I'd pick Saskatchewan, but only by a field goal or so, and pick Toronto by 10 over Winnipeg.

go look in the other thread for everyone elses picks.

The Riders need to come back strong this week, and Winnipeg is fired up after the big over Montreal, and Toronto has two games in 5 days this week.

why exactly do we have this thread when you can look at BigDave's pool to find out?

Its like the expansion thread ...dozens of dozens of expansion threads...But must run...I'm going to go start an expansion thread now!

im pretty new here. didn’t think there were that many expansion threads before :?

Montreal 21 Toronto 17 - a good defensive game.

Sascatchewan 31 Otawa 24 - Ottawa scores a late TD but cant get the onside kick.

Edmonton 41 Hamilton 17 - Ray picks Hamilton apart!

Calgary 27 B.C. 24 - the stamps win on a last second feild goal from Deangelis from over 50 yards out.

Toronto 24 Winnipeg 10 - Toronto has a great game on D.