WEEK 6 OVERALL LEAGUE AVERAGE @27099(26673in 05)

After six weeks, the overall league average has broken the 27,000 figure nicely.
Team wise, surprisingly Calgary is down quite a bit after three home games at nearly 5000 to the 05 amount. Edmonton is almost the same while Montreal of course, is on cruise control. Sask is
down nearly 2000 and it was surprising although anticipated how a low crowd would attend yesterday, despite Saturday night and Ricky coming to town. More excuses please?
No further surprise though how Edmonton has the top three crowds(City of Champions) and is truly the best sports city in Canada. While, Regina is this years Ottawa, the weakest link.

game/(year ave.) 05 game/(yr ave) 3 HOME DATES

Montreal 20,202 (20,202) 20,202 (20,202)
Edmonton 37,611 (37,712) 38,018 (37,462)
Calgary 31,210 (28,500) 30,128 (33,294)
Sask 24,967 (23,264) 25,198 (23,895)

League Ave.06/ 23 games 27,099 05/ 25
games 26,673

Top 5 Crowds:
Edmonton(Cal) 40,491
Edmonton(Win) 37,611
Edmonton(BC)) 35,035
Calgary (BC) 31,210
BC (Tor) 30,514

Worst 5 Crowds:
Note, excluding Montreal due to continuous sellout and small stadium.

Sask (Edm) 21,082
Winnipeg(Edm) 23,521
Sask (Cal) 23,942
Sask (Tor) 24,967
Calgary(Edm) 25,895

I didn't think there would be many at the Esks game Thursday night. Mainly because it was a THursday night, the Grand Prix was starting Friday morning, Capital Ex had started, and the Taste of Edmonton was on.

I've gotta applaud Esks fans, best support in the league. With all those other events competing for the weekends entertainment dollar, they still pull out their wallets to support the team.

24 000 in Regina is considered a bad crowd?

yes...all we hear is: we like our games on saturdays.....then they get a saturday game and only get 24K?

Would they draw better if the team was in Saskatoon?

r they gonna build a whole new stadium after getting this deal with mosaic?....prolly not.

and with only 8 teams, that really good! should the CFL should go up 1% or more this season.

For a town that bleeds Green and the players complain about living in a fish bowl, the fans are not showing their true colours with lack of buts in the seats.
There are more excuses then the average attendance.

Well put.

does Toronto sell around 80% of there seating capacity? every game :?

Unless a 50 000 seat stadium is built in Regina , we will never get the attendance figures that other teams get, but do you really think that is realistic, given the population of the province and the city of Regina. You are looking at those figures all wrong. 24 thou in a stadium that holds 28 800 is not bad, that is 83 % of capacity. If Commonwealth had the same percentage of capacity they would be getting almost 54 thousand per game. So tell me Arogtom and EE, is Edmonton getting anywhere near those figures??

maybe you should use % of each team/game or stadium and we will find out who is the lowest :wink:

well put BigGreen!

but even still both our seating numbers and our averages are down this year.

i'm gonna get killed for these excuses but...
ticket prices did go up, we basically lost our uni section (best section), and i think alot of the fans are showing their disapproval of danny and roy.

It still will not provide us with anything more then the current numbers.
Especially since it is impossible to factor into the equation how for example, in Regina there are fewer events, from sporting to cultural, to attend then there is in places like Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, etc..
Therefore, an arguement can be made how Regina only has one pro team and should sellout every home game of which there are only 9????

IMO this topic comes up from time to time, and somebody gets a lil jello over of fan support through out the league and wish that there fans would show up, even when the times are bad :wink: so they have to bad mouth us [i]Rider[/i] fans in different ways :roll:

No one is bad mouthing the Rider fans, we are trying to determine, us outsiders why the lack for such a diehard following.

you know who i hate worse. the guy in front of me who bails early every game when we are loseing. he left the bc game before the td to richardson, because they wouldn't pull joseph.

guys like that give rider nation a bad name. lucky for them i'm always nice enough to stand up and thank all of our half-hearted fans for coming out for 50 minutes of play. i even direct them to the exits so the can flee faster, before we win the game!

some times, fans leave early to make a statement to there football team :wink: displeased with the production on the field or they had some other pryer engagements and supported ther team by just coming out for half a game :cowboy:

as long as you guys can expand the seats to 45,000 or more for the West Final or Grey Cup, there is no need for you to go above 30,000, especially when your in a province of less than a million people.

If im reading your numbers right, we are down about 600 people per game from last year, and that is the cause for your incessant rambling of the lowly rider attendance :roll: , seriously man this is getting old.

Last year we were coming off a west divisional final loss in which the team a was a hair away from the grey cup. There was a different aura last year

This year we are coming off a brutal playoff loss and status quo with regards to management

Even yet we are only down 600 people not the 2000 your trying to tell people in your original post :roll: