WEEK 6 *NON TURKEY* Power Rankings

1- Swaggerville Blue Bombers- The only way to be the best is to beat the best, and that is just what the Bombers did this week. Swaggerville made Ray go to Staggerville, and Buck did just enough for the win as usual. Missing IMO the bombers MOST VALUBLE PLAYER DB97, and then losing Dorian Smith, the guys stepped up and wreeked havoc.

2-Edmonton Eskimos- Good effort on a night that it was clear wasnt going to go their way, everyone in the CFL is hoping for a speedy recovery to one of the best recievers in the CFL, as he was off to such a great start to the season. This loss is a blip in the radar for the Eskimos, but will go into Mtl to face an angry Als squad who is getting bumped from their usual perch atop the CFL east standings.

3-Montreal Alouettes- Still a top-tier team but i believe that they are beginning to show their age, and not in a good way. Jim Popp and Mark Trestman will do everything in their power to bring the mighty Als back into CFL superiority, but i think they are missing a few peices on offence and defence, losing Ben Cahoon really is hurting them as he was the best reciever in the CFL at going anywhere and taking punishment to make tough catches.

4-Calgary-Hank is coming into form and Nik Lewis is looking like his old self, with a huge win against the suddenly hot Ticats they have proven they can win at home this season, great win to right the ship!

5-Hamilton Dave Stalas- Good performance this week regardless of the result, the game was back and forth all night. Glenn was bailed out a few times with great snags by sticky, but the defence needs to tighten up a bit.

6-B.C- Missing far too many tackles and dropping lots of passes, finally get the monkey off their back with a win (albeit the team the beat is below them in these rankings), great game by Simon.

7-Toronto Arblows- Loud-mouth Pillsbury doughboy Barker is finally coming back down to earth, i wonder if they are going to show the canning of him on the the third episode of the extra yard :wink: .

8-Sascratchyouraz Rough Riders-Finally the luck is running out, Taman is running the green ship right into the ground, and it looks like a team who was once considered a cup contender at the beginning of the year has quickly turned straight downhill and looks like it will continue to do so for the enjoyable....sorry i meant forseeable future.

Actually it should go something like this:

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Edmonton
  3. Montreal
  4. Calgary
  5. Hamilton
  6. BC
    7-30. Anyone of Ontario's Peewee football teams
  7. Toronto
    32-40. Anyone of Saskatchewan's peewee football teams
    41-48. The cheerleading squads for all 8 CFL teams in no particular order
  8. Saskatchewan Roughriders

May i suggest that the FeLions be 41, the top of the cheer teams. They have looked moar coordinated than the Lions!

I did Massey's basic 4-step rating system http://masseyratings.com/faq.htm :

"To get the feel for how computer ratings work, you may want to try this iterative procedure:

  1. set each team's rating to zero
  2. calculate each team's SOS to be the average rating of their opponents
  3. calculate each team's rating to be their average net margin of victory plus their SOS
  4. go back to step 2 and repeat until the ratings converge"

Here's what it looks like:



If you want to know how many points a given team should beat another team, just subtract the difference from their ratings listed above. For example, if Winnipeg plays Saskatchewan right now, the margin of victory would be 6.093 - (-10.218) = 16.311

Winnipeg would beat Saskatchewan by 16.311 points.

Unless Sask. keeps using that new field goal formation of theirs', where there is no holder, then it might be more like a 23 point Winnipeg win. :rockin:

Or you could not be a nerd, watch the games and come up with a ranking :stuck_out_tongue:

The above is not a ranking it's a rating. A ranking is not the same thing as a rating.

Wpg: Showed they are the best for now
Mont: Everybody knows they belong here
EDM: I want to put them lower because they will slump now, but 3rd place for now.
CGY: I really thought Hamilton would win
Ham: Were rolling, but big loss in CGY
BC: Are more wins in the picture (just not next week please!)
Tor: A good team falling apart
Sask: Acrappy team falling apart

Quit proving my point!

personally i'm not a fan of the math ratings they use because it has a lot to do with what that team did last year and honestly we all know last year is irrelevant (does it bother anyone else when the announcers mention,in the last x amount of games,team a is 4-1 vs team b? its irrelevant because that goes back a few years) My Rankings would be...

  1. Winnipeg. - don't think anyone can say otherwise, 1 point away from being 6-0. 21-21 loss to calgary.
    2.Edmonton - first in the west, regardless. 5-1 is 5-1.
  2. Montreal -. 4-2 is 4-2 altho they haven't really beaten anyone with a winning record so its close with
  3. Calgary - i honestly think 3 4 5 on my list could be reversed or changed around as i don't see a difference between montreal,calgary and
  4. Hamilton. 3-3
    6.this is where it gets tricky...i think i put BC here because well, they are pretty decent i think just havent reallly got the breaks..i almost wanna say they are like last years bomber team.
    7.i dunno its a toss up..sask's o and d have looked bad..toronto beat calgary week 1 and noone since,sask beat montreal with no AC for most the game...7.Toronto
  5. SASK

Yes, our offense is suffering so much from the loss of Ben Cahoon that our quarterback leads the league in passing yards, TDs, and fewest interceptions, with a QB rating second only to Ricky Ray. Our offense is hurting so much that our running back leads the league in rushing yards, yards per carry among starting tailbacks, and 100-yard games.

I think everyone here as pretty much the exact same rankings.


Hopefully next week we steamroll the Argos and build some momentum to take out Winnipeg and Montreal

Everybody here probably does have the same ranking.

Perry Lefko doesn't: http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ngs_week6/

He's got it as follows:


What he fails utterly to explain is how Hamilton, coming off a road loss, is ranked ahead of Montreal, coming off a road win.

Probably the thinking is: Montreal beat up on lowly Toronto, while Hamilton lost a close game to Calgary, an upper-echelon team.

Can't say I really disagree with that thinking either, although I wouldn't rank us so low.

That, and possibly the fact that one of Montreal's losses came from Hamilton itself and their other loss came from one of the worst teams, while Hamilton's losses all came from teams with better records.

Much as enjoy seeing Hamilton above Montreal, though, I'd be reluctant to put them there myself.

Sasky @ 7
TO @ 8

I agree, Sask is losing on one side of the ball, while TO is losing on two sides.

...I don't know Bill, most points against, least points for, that's not good for either side of the ball...

whats the difference between 7 and 8? Neither team makes the playoffs....