Week 6: Bye Week 3-2 Roughriders

Well shoulda coulda woulda been 5-0 but here we sit and were not.

Positives 5 weeks in
Did not expect a winning record at this point but here we are
Did not expect us to be in contention every single game (loss) 3 points or less thus far
Chamblin seems to have a good adittude running in this team
Less turnovers only 3 by Durant all season lets face it not all bad
Found a solution at runningback with Sheets.

Can't keep a healthy secondary for some reason (Jackson im looking at you)
Obviously cannot maintain a lead in the 4th
Defensive melt downs
Offensive rare but costly blunders
Bad Play calling in the latter of games
Our Kicker (field goals) (milo I'm looking at you)

Overall despite the last 2 melt downs I knew coming into this season it would not be all peaches and roses I was actually expecting worse then where we are now we can thank BC for beating Calgary for allowing us to remain on top of the west. Going in I predicted an 8-10 for the riders right now most realistic worst and best case scenarios are 7-11 or 11-7 we fall no further than 3rd. Chamblin will have these guys minds right coming out of the bye hopefully Russ, Jackson and others can heal up! Kudos to Riders on a winning record thus far because let's be honest, none of us saw that coming

very good points, and add Eddie Russ and Woodney Turenne to the list. It is a battered secondary at the moment. Good time for a bye week.

As for the coaching staff...They need to realize that in short yardage late in the game that they need to start trusting the O-line that they invested in by running the ball (that is twice now it killed them). The defense...well, stop backing off when you have a lead...play it a lot tighter...playing tight got you the lead, stick with it....I mean yes, if you have a 17 touchdown lead with 2 minutes left, by all means, protect the long play, stick to the original plan otherwise.

I don't really fault either losses on play, but play calling. whoever is deciding to put this D into prevent needs to wake up or be gone. Offensive play calling is good overall, just need a little more running, especially in short yardage throughout the game.

Something further...I know this team is young, and the 3 game winning streak probably upped everyone's expectation a bit. I was hoping for an 8-10 win season, and I think the Riders can do that, or even perhaps better. Losses are going to happen, and coaches are going to err, especially because this is overall a young staff. I am sure the OCs are going to look at a few plays and cringe at their decisions. My true concern is Hall. He does not know how to call a game with a lead. If it is a tight game, I he is fairly solid. If they have a lead he goes too soft and momentum shifts. His boring, predictable pass rush is not acceptable...The O knows what is coming, and he really needs to mix it up. He either needs to stop being so passive with his approach with a lead or be replaced. Hall is one of the most experienced coaches on this team, and should be an anchor, yet it is his late game strategy that is killing this club. The past 2 weeks the opposition has tallied up probably 40% of their yardage in the 4th quarter...in what should be garbage time.

I flew my father in for this game...a career coach. He was just amazed that a DC could call that soft of a game in the late going...surrendering the dump pass every play. I still remember him shaking his head on about the 4th dump pass in one series and saying 'guess they figure he will eventually start dropping those huh?' He started laughing when the Riders passed on 2nd and 1.5 with the game on the line.

All good posts. Nice reference to bringing your Dad to the game. I don't have your football heritage but have watched the Riders whenever I can since 1966, and they're an interesting team so far this year. When they went up by 18 against Hamilton, I thought "They can't do this 2 games in a row" but they did!
Re: bring unable to hold a lead - and playing soft 4th quarter defence - I think this is somewhat unfamiliar territory for the Riders. At their strongest under Coach Miller, they usually were slow to start and often came from behind to win. So far this season they have started 2nd halves like gangbusters and then seem at a loss what to do.
As much as I've liked Richie Hall and respect him, I think the posts are accurate re his late game soft strategy. Likewise with some of the head scratching late offensive play calls. I watched the post game press conference with Chamblin. He really tried to avoid calling out specific players or play calls. That's probably a good thing - to keep things in the locker room. I just hope that they really address these things.
The Riders are an exciting - and heartbreaking - team so far. Hope they turn things in a positive direction.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Totally disagree. This is not coaching, this is personnel on defense, ie the secondary.

You mean on plays when Willis and Ellis both lined up on the same end? You mean when 2 DBs blitzed from either side and met at the QB? You mean all that stunting by the tackles? That kind of predictable and boring?