Week 6 Avatar Betting Thread

Good Evening Everybody,

As you may know last week a couple Bomber/Eskimo fans got together and made bets on what their team wherein the losing team fans had to don the winning teams avatar for a couple weeks.

If you were wondering why Chief or backer@oldclarke were rocking Blue Bomber swag, this is why.

It was a ton of fun and brought up some good natured trash talking. Hoping to do it again this week! Any BC LIONS fans want to have a little internet throwdown and make some fun bets? I’m willing to change my Avatar and signature for a week if there are some Lions fans out there who will take up the good natured challenge.

If anybody other teams want to bet against the fans from they are playing against this week, throw down a challenge. Lets make this interesting.


Dude, you're going up against the 1-5 Lions. No one's dumb enough to take that bet. :lol:

1-5 on paper, that is not a 1-5 team.

The Montreal posters are a good group of guys and is a thought for an Avatar bet down the road.

I for one will never bet with the Riders because I know they'll lose. :cry:

Just think of the Ultimate bet though; the loser buys 1 season ticket package for the winner. :thup:

Haha, maybe on a Grey Cup bet. MAYBE!

I love this thread.

I'm down. Any Arblows fan that wants to throw down the gauntlet, I'm right here.

When you lose you have to post a TiCat Avatar and a "Nobody blows like the Arrrrrggggooooossssss" signature(that goes without saying). That would make my day.

Good luck with that. :lol:

...try to convince a lion fan of that...

I guess I misquoted above? I meant this one, not the "Still waiting for a BC fan to step up" quote. BC fans still have soemthing to cheer for, BC Lions are a good team. And playing Winnipeg @ home, they will be PUMPED!

Are you a salesman? Used Cars? I think you might need to give odds.

I'm willing to do a bet against any Stamps fans, Since the Stamps are heavy favorites, I will bet 4 days to the stamp fans full week. Or maybe my full week to two stamps fans week.

Any takers

Ohhh, throwing lines down now. Ok, I'm all for it.

STAMPS FANS? Where you at? Your not too proud to wear a Rider avvy for two weeks are you?


... I could un-ban redwhite2005 for a two week period if I get a thumbs up from three separate posters...he'd do it...

Don't even joke about that! :x

I could live with it.

I'd be down. I didn't mind RW05

I'm sure there is a tree hugger out there dumb enough. :wink:

Hey mpdid, I'll take that bet. We need some more Lions avatars around here anyway. :wink:

Awww yeah! Let's get the competition rolling